Box: Anvil Outlaw Arm the Spirit

Box: Anvil Outlaw Arm the Spirit

Box: Anvil – Outlaw – Arm the Spirit

The Politics of Crime

Ed Mead

Classic pamphlet written by member of George Jackson Brigade shortly after arrest in connection with unsuccessful bank robbery attempt in 1976.

Community Control of Police

Arguments for direct control of police by neighborhood residents in Berkeley.

Pamphlet.20 pages. No Date. Circa 1970.

The Struggle Inside

Information on the Prison System.Covers topics such as racism, youth, women, “rehabilitation,” indeterminate sentence, the adult authority, domestic law and international order, a brief history of the prison movement from inside, and abolition.

Pamphlet.16 Pages. No Date. Early1970s.


Publication of the United Prisoners Union (renamed the California Prisoners Union)


Vol.1 No.1 – April 1971.

Includes the inaugural editorial, “We Must Unite” (text of the UPU constitution drawn up by “We, the Convicted Class”). Articles on the Case of Larry Justice and Earl Gibson, the San Quentin Six, Ruchell Magee, Women Prisoners.

Vol.1 No.2 – July 1971

Editorial: “We must unionize!” Articles on the CPU Convention, Congressman Ron Dellums on prisons and the CPU, Reflections of a Prison Psychiatrist (Frank Rundle, MD, former Chief Psychiatrist at Soledad), Bill of Rights of the Convicted Class, Poetry of the Convicted Class.

Vol.1 No.3 – Aug.-Sept., 1971

Articles include: CPU Press Conference on San Quentin Murder, Parole as a Continuation of Prison, Sadistic Castrators Exposed, Strike at Women’s Prison, Kisu Speaks to the People, Legal Recourse to Medical Abuse, Poetry of the Convicted Class, the Griffin-Bussey Railroad, The Struggle at San Quentin, David Hilliard Railroaded, Jailhouse Lawyers Manual, George Jackson P.S. On Ulysses.

August 1974

Articles include: The Most Neglected Area: Women in Prison, Prison Movement Attacked, From the Inside, The Struggle Continues (RuchellMaGee), The Continuing Use of Psychosurgery.

March-April 1975

Articles include: History of U.P.U, Expose the Prison Cover-Up, Legal Page, Women in Struggle, Marilyn Buck: 2 years later, From the Inside. 2 copies

September 1975

Articles include: Peoples’ Response to Popeye’s Murder, From the Inside, Editorial Page, Pigs Step Up Repression, Struggles on the Inside. 2 copies

March 1976

Articles include: UPU History, Practice, Objectives, S.L.A. Statement, S.Q. Violence Continues, Women Strike at N.C. Prison, Angola.

Arm the Spirit


Number 3 – May 1979

Articles include: Free the Pontiac Brothers! Demands to the California Department of Corrections from San Quentin Prisoners, Open Letter to Africans of British Isles from an African in N. America, LA County Jail Colonial Violence, Stop the New Prisons, Que Viva Puerto Rico Libre!, Aisha Audeh Released from Israeli Prison, Support Minimum Wage Bill for Prisoners

Number 4 – August 1979

Articles include: Honor Fallen Freedom Fighters: Build Black August Month, Message from S.Q. Adjustment Center, Black Cultural Development and Revolutionary Growth, Pontiac Update, Report from Folsom: Did Folsom Prison Officials have Complicity in Racist Attack on Blacks, Lewisburg Manifesto, B.L.A. Under Attack, Call to Build a National Black Human Rights Coalition, Black Prison Guards, A Brief History on the Formation of ZANLA, Close Marion Control Unit!

Number 5, November 1979

Articles include: Open Letter to Black People in U.S. Prisons, Jesse Jackson and the PLO, Prisoner Control of a National Prison Newspaper, The Situation of African Women in Maryland Prisons, Free Leonard Peltier and all Native American POW’s!, The Need for Unity in Building and National Black Prisoners’ Organization, Message to August 25th Demo From San Quentin Adjustment Center, The Nationalists are Free! Free all Puerto Rican POWs!, Stop Genocide – Smash the Death Penalty, Native American Prisoners face the Death Penalty, On the Formation of ZANLA

Number 6, Feb-Apr 1980

Articles include: Black Liberation Movement Re-emerging, Assata is Free, Puerto Rican POW Murdered, Free Geronimo and All Political Prisoners Expose COINTELPRO, Statement of Support for the Iranian People, Peltier Convicted, On Incarcerated Mothers, FleetaDrumgo Murdered, Open Letter from Prairie Fire Organizing Committee, Pontiac Update, CholSoo Lee Must be Free, Letter from Angola, LA., Hands off Iran!, Support the Napanoch Brothers!, Dialectical Criticism of Slave Prisoner Mentality

Number 8, August-September 1980

Articles include: FBI Raids Black Homes in Search of Assata Shakur, Black August 1980, Pontiac Frameup Continues, Free All Puerto Rican Prisoners of War, On the Black Liberation Army, Ideological Alliance of African People inside U.S. Borders, The Political Conviction of R. Dhoruba Moore and the Repression of the Black Liberation Movement, An Introspective View of Black Liberation, Against Racism in British Prisons

Number 10, December 1980-January 1981

Articles include: Message from Assata Shakur, Mockery of Justice in Pontiac Death Penalty, Free Leonard Peltier, Smash the Death Penalty, Women Prisoners Protest Harassment, Work Stoppage at Marion, Black prisoners call for unity, Geronimo Pratt’s New Trial Denied

Number 11, April-May 1981

Articles include: National demonstrations to free the Pontiac Brothers!, Namibia will be Free, Puerto Rican Prisoners of War Respond to Sedition Charges, Peltier’s escape conviction overturned, Bobby Garcia murdered in Terre Haute Prison, Our human natural resources are being destroyed, Kiko Martinez faces bombing charges, Michigan City 9 face charges from prison rebellion, Strikes at Indiana State against subhuman conditions, A warning to prisoners, Statement by Cathy Wilkerson

Number 13, Winter 1982

Articles include: B.L.A. Communiqué, An interview with Don Juan Antonio Corretjer, Grand Jury Resisters face Prison, Black August Organizing Committee Under Attack, Free James York!, The Land is ours! Free Anzania!, Hamilton Keke on the Bethal 13, Profile of the Black Prisoner’s Rights Committee, Statement by Leonard Peltier, Free Emma Cunningham!, Repression at San Quentin, Nationalist Prisoners Locked Down at Brushy Mountain

Number 14, Fall 1982

Articles include: Support New African Freedom Fighters, Communiqué from RATF, FALN Bombs Wall Street, Palestine will Win!, Bloody Riots at Pontiac, FBI Frame-up of Peltier Exposed

War Behind Walls


No Date. Circa 1972

Articles include: Attica Revolt, Attica Demands, California Prison Struggle History, Prison Movements 1970-71, Soledad Brothers: A Portrait, Vacaville – A Prison of the Future?, Jackson Murder, Support Movement Grows, Controlling Prisoners: The California Adult Authority, Prison Movement Organizations, George Jackson in Prison: Interview with Jimmy Carter

Big Mama Rag: a feminist news journal


Vol.10 No.5, May 1982

Articles include: Women in Cages: Part One, Feminism and Women Inside, Incarcerated Mothers, Criminal Injustice System, Shock Atrocities

The Outlaw

Journal of the Prisoners Union


Vol.1 No.2, Dec. 1971

Articles include: Prison “Reform”? Unity is the Solution, The Forgotten Offender: Facts about Women Prisoners, Up Against the Law, Poetry, Prison or Slavery?, Guerrilla Theater, The Case of Joseph Romero, Adult Authority in Perspective, Rotting in the Stockade

Vol.1 No.5, July-Aug 1972

Articles include: Unfinished Business: The Last Unorganized Laborers in America, People’s Lawyer: Labor Law, Don’t Criticize: Organize, The Soledad Frame Up, CDC’s &AA’s Rules and Regulations Illegal, Restoring Ex-Felons’ Voting Rights, Poetry, Letters from Inside

Vol.1 No.6, Nov-Dec 1972

Articles include: Unity Is, Policy Statement on Compensation of Inmate Labor, A.G. Attacks Prison Attorneys, Right to Vote Amendment 25, Wesley Robert Wells, Prisoners’ Union Docket of Cases, Letters from Inside

Vol.2 No.1, Jan-Feb 1973

Articles include: History of the Prisoners’ Union, Docket of Cases, Criminal Justice Legislation, San Quentin Strike, Medical Experiments, Maxi-Maxi Prisons, Walpole Moves

Vol.2 No.2, May-June 1972

Articles include: Nationwide Unions Coming Together, Prison Law Collective, Behavior Modification, Senator Petris on Psycho-Surgery, Medical Malpractice: Know Your Rights, We are not “girls”, Ohio Women’s Prison, Criminal Justice Legislation, Replaying Attica

Vol.2 No.4, Nov 1973

Articles include: Three Years Later… A Promise Kept: Oklahoma, Files on Children, Swedish Prisons, Union Calendar 1974, Behavior Modification: Marion Mind Control, Prisoners in Research – Perils and Problems, Open Letter from Monroe, “Psychotherapy”, Folsom

Vol.3 No.3, May 1974

Articles include: Focus… Women, Arizona, Texarkana Murder, National Jailhouse Lawyers Association, Skin-Search Protest, Leavenworth Brothers, Poetry, Getting Out, Oklahoma, El Reno, To Die Behind Prison Walls, High Court Limits Prison Censorship

Vol.3 No.4, July 1974

Articles include: Minnesota Movin’ On! CDC Credibility, Oklahoma Obituary, Ex-Prison Chief Assails Indeterminate Sentence

Vol.3 No 6, Oct-Nov 1974

Articles include: Con Law, San Quentin Art Show, Simply Can’t Adjust, Nixon’s Pardon, What are they trying to Hide? Inside the Barbed Wire Cocoon, Canadian Cons Get Minimum Wage!!