Board Review 12/31/2018 Anatomy Test 2 1

Board Review 12/31/2018 Anatomy Test 2 1

Board Review 12/31/2018 Anatomy Test 2 1

1.) The medial boundary of the anatomical snuffbox is formed by the ____ muscle?
A. Extensor pollicus longus
B. Ext. Pollicus brevis
C. Ext. Carpi radialis longus
D. Ext. Carpi radialis brevis
2.) The styloid process is located on which portion of the radius?
A. Ant
B. Post
C. Medial
D. Lateral
3.) The styloid process is located on which portion of the ulna?
A. Ant
B. Post
C. Medial
D. Lateral
4.) The resting stage of the epiphyseal plate is composed of WOF?
A. Cartilage
B. Osteoid
C. Hyaline cartilage
D. Calcified cartilage
5.) Which muscle forms the medial border of the cubital fossa?
A. Brachioradialis
B. Pronator teres
C. Flexor carpi ulnaris
D. Supinator
6.) The posterior auricular vein and retromandibular vein drain into WOF?
A. Internal jugular
B. External jugular
C. Carotid
D. Subclavian vein
7.) WOF is the distal attachment of the adductor longus muscle?
A. Lesser trochanter
B. Greater trochanter
C. Linea aspera
D. Trochanteric fossa
8.) Both ureters lie _____ to the psoas major and ____ to the internal and external iliac veins?
A. Post & post
B. Ant & post

C. Ant & ant

D. Post & ant
17) WOF structures transforms the scapular notch into the scapular foramen?
A. Transverse ligament
B. Coracohumeral
C. Acromioclavicular
D. Coracoacromial
18) Posterior superficial muscles of the leg insert on WOF?
A. Cuboid
B. Calcaneous
C. Talus
D. 1st metatarsal
19) On WOF bones is the soleal line?
A. Femur
B. Tibia
C. Fibula
D. Calcaneous
20) What structure shunts blood from the right to the left atrium in the fetus?
A. Foramen orale
B. Foramen ovalis
C. Ductus venosus
D. Ductus arteriosus
21) What type of cells make up the uterus?
A. Simple columnar
B. Simple squanmous
C. Pseudostratified ciliated columnar
D. Stratified squamous
22) WOF forms the lateral border of the femoral triangle?
A. Sartorius
B. Adductor longus
C. Inguinal ligament
D. Adductor magnus
23) On which location of the leg is the great saphenous vein located?
A. Superficial medial
B. Superficial lateral
C. Deep lateral
D. Deep medial
24) Membranous bone formation is found in WOF bones?
A. Scapula
B. Ilium
C. Clavicle
D. Sternum
33) The collateral ligament of the elbow are localized thickening of WOF structures?
A. Articular capsule
B. Interosseous membrane
C. Synovial membrane
D. Annular ligament
34) WOF lies in the inguinal canal?
A. Suspensory ligament of the ovary
B. Ovarian ligament
C. Broad ligament
D. Round ligament of uterus
35) WOF is a pivot joint?
A. Proximal tibia fibular
B. Talonavicular
C. Proximal radioulnar
D. Metacarpotrapezium
36) The lateral aspect of the rectus abdominus sheath is known as WOF?
A. Inguinal ligament
B. Linea alba
C. Falciform ligament
D. Linea semilunaris
37) Plasma cells are derived from WOF?
A. Neutrophils
B. Basophils
C. Lymphocytes
D. Monocytes
38) WOF muscles attaches to the proximal ulna and medial epicondyle of the humerous?
A. Anconeus
B. Pronator teres
C. Brachioradialis
39) What is the action of the plantar interosseus muscles of the foot?
A. Abduct
B. Adduct
C. Flex
D. Extend
40) WOF is controlled by the pituitary gland?
A. Follicular cells
B. Parathyroid
C. Parafollicular cells
D. Parietal cells
41) WOF structures directly adheres to the kidney?
A. Pararenal fat
B. Renal fascia
C. Renal capsule
D. Perirenal fat
50) WOF muscles attaches to the pillars of fauces?
A. Tensor & levator vela palatine
B. Tensor vela palatine & palatoglossus

C. Palatoglossus & palatopharyngeus

D. Palate & levator vela palatine
51) WOF metatarsal bones articulate with the hamate?
A. 1st & 2nd
B. 2nd & 3rd
C. 3rd & 4th
D. 4th & 5th
52) The junction of the sagital and coronal plates meet at WOF?
A. Lambola
B. Bregma
C. Pterion
D. Asterion
53) Which muscle initiates abduction of the glennohumeral joint?
A. Deltoid
B. Infraspinatus
C. Supraspinatus
D. Subscapularis
54) The biceps brachii muscle attaches to which structure on the radius?
A. Styloid process
B. Head
C. Neck
D. Tubercle
55) The haustra of the large intestine is formed by WOF?
A. Diverticulum
B. Appendices epiplociae
C. Intestinal valves
D. Taenia coli
56) Which plane divides the body into anterior and posterior halves?
A. Sagittal
B. Transverse
C. Semisagittal
D. Coronal
57 The area of the bladder between two ureter orfices and the opening for the urethra is called?
A. Trigone
B. Internal urethral sphincter
C. External sphincter
D. Detrusor urinae
66) WOF structures is composed of hyaline cartilage?
A. Bronchi
B. Tertiary bronchioles
C. Respiratory bronchioles
D. Aveolar duct
67) When bronchi separate in the lung how many are on the right side?
A. 2 lobar
B. 3 lobar
C. 2 segmental
D. 3 segmental
68) WOF cranial nerves transverse the foramen rotundum?
A. Opthalamic of V
B. Maxillary of V
C. Mandibular of V
D. Facial nerve
69) WOF muscles attaches to the iliotibilal tract?
A. Gluteus maximus
B. Pectineus
C. Gluteus medius
D. Quadratus femoris
70) The majority of the respiatory tract is composed of WOF cells?
A. Simple squamous
B. Simple columnar
C. Stratified squamous
D. Pseudostratified columnar
71) WOF metacarpal bones articulates with the hamate?
  1. 4th & 5th
  2. 1st & 2nd
  3. 2nd & 3rd
  4. 3rd & 4th
72) The pituitary gland controls the ____ organs that secrete ____ from the ____ cells?
A. Adrenal cortex - cortisol from the fasiculatus
B. Thyroid - thyroxine from the parafollicular cells
73) WOF nerves innervate the anterior part of the leg?
A. Sural
B. Saphanous
C. Deep peroneal
D. Superficial peroneal / 9.) The fibrous band that runs from the papillary muscle to the atrioventricular valves are WOF?
A. Moderator band
B. Trabeculae carinae
C. Chordae tendinae
10) WOF structures is adjacent to the suprascapular artery?
A. Coracoid process
B. Scapular notch
C. Acromion process
11) Deficiency in flexion and supination of forearm may indicate damage to WOF nerves?
A. Radial
B. Ulnar
C. Musculocutaneous
D. Median
12) WOF nerves innervates the peroneus muscle evert foot?
A. Deep peroneal
B. Superficial peroneal
C. Sup gluteal
D. Inf gluteal
13) The lunate bone articulates _____ with which bone?
A. Laterally with capitulum
B. Proximally with radius
C. Medially with scaphoid
D. Distally with trapezoid
14) WOF gastric glands produce serotonin?
A. Chieg
B. Mucous neck
C. Argentaffin
D. Parietal
15) From which embryological structure is the adrenal medulla derived?
A. Endoderm
B. Ectoderm
C. Mesoderm
D. Neural crest cells
16) Which muscle is the anterior support of the glenohumeral joint?
A. Subscapularis
B. Supraspinatus
C. Infraspinatus
D. Teres minor
25) The action of the anterior tibialis muscles is to ____ and ____ the foot?

A. Dorsiflex & evert

B. Planter flex & invert
C. Plantar flex & evert
D. Dorsiflex & invert
26) The pronator teres muscle is innervated by WOF nerves?
A. Radial
B. Median
C. Ulnar
D. Interosseus
27) WOF carpal bones most often fractures?
A. Lunate
B. Capitate
C. Trapezium
D. Scaphoid
28) The ostium of the maxillary sinus opens into WOF?
A. Sphenoethmodial recess
B. Sup nasal meatus
C. Inf nasal meatus
D. Middle nasal meatus
29) Which hormone is produced by parafollicular cells of the thyroid?
A. Thyroxia
B. Calcitonin
C. Oxytocin
D. Vasopression
30) What type of articulation is made up of bone and hyaline cartilage?
A. Synchondrosis
B. Synarthrosis
C. Amphiarthrosis
D. Diarthrosis
31) WOF ligaments prevents lateral displacement of the tibia?
A. Tibial collateral
B. Fibula collateral
C. Post cruciate
D. Ant cruciate
32) What structure comes from the urogenital sinus?
A. Oviduct
B. Uterus
C. Vas deferens
D. Urethra
42) WOF gastrointestinal structures contains the central lacteals?
A. Villi
B. Brunner’s gland
C. Rugae
D. Haustra
43) WOF structures lies poterior lateral to the testes?
A. Epididymis
B. Ductus deferens
C. Ductus spermatious
D. Ejaculatory duct
44) What directly drains the liver sinusoid?
A. Epididymis
B. Ductus deferens
C. Inf vena cava
D. Central vein
45) The pampiniform plexus is located in WOF?
A. Glans penis
B. Gubernaculum
C. Prostrate
D. Spermatic cord
46) The intertrochanteric crest is located on which aspect of the femur?
A. Medial
B. Lateral
C. Ant
D. Post
47) The urogenital system develops from WOF?
A. Paraxial mesoderm
B. Intermediate mesoderm
C. Somatic mesoderm
D. Brachial mesenchyme
48) A laceration of the profunda brachii artery could cause damage to which nerve that accompanies it?
A. Medial
B. Radial
C. Ulnar
D. Musculocutaneous
49) WOF muscles closes the glottis?
A. Post cricoarytenoid
B. Lateral cricoarytenoid
C. Thyroarytenoid
D. Cricothyroid
58) The tendon of which muscle passes through the internal capsule of the shoulder?
A. Biceps brachii
B. Triceps brachii
C. Subscapularis
D. Deltoid
59) Which bones develop primarily from the interosseus membrane?
A. Mandible
B. Parietal
C. Maxillary
D. Zygomatic
60) What structure passes through the right and left crura(at T12?
A. Aorta hiatus
B. Esophageal hiatus
C. Inf vena cava hiatus
D. Thoracic duct
61) When the adenoids swell they occlude WOF?
A. Eustachian tube
B. Stenson’s duct
C. Canal of Schlemm
D. Wharton’s duct
62) The ulnar nerve lies between WOF bones?
A. Scaphoid & lunate

B. Pisiform & hamate

C. Trapezium & trapezoid
D. Lunate & triangular
63) Which structure passes through the inguinal canal?
A. Round ligament of uterus
B. Broad ligament
C. Uterine ligament
D. Inguinal ligament
64) WOF muscles is responsible for the inferior rotation of the thigh?
A. Gluteus maximus
B. Gluteus minimus
C. Gluteus medius
D. Obturator externus
65) The lateral aspect of the ilium gives rise to the ____ , ____ and ____ of the gluteal lines?
A. Sup, inf & medial
B. Ant, post & inf
C. Ant, post & sup
D. Inf, sup & medial
74) WOF cells produce surfactant?
A. Type 1 pneumocyte
B. Goblet
C. Type 2 pneumocyte
D. Macrophage
75) From which part of a cell is the cupola (apex of lung dreived?
A. Cervical pleura
B. Costal pleura
C. Mediastinal pleura
D. Diaphragmatic pleura
76) The junction of the esophagus and stomach is located in WOF?
A. Post to heart
B. At esophageal hiatus
C. Inf to diaphragm
D. Upper border of T9
77) The coronary sinus drains into which chamber of the heart?
A. Right atrium
B. Right ventricle
C. Left atrium
D. Left ventricle
78) The root of the spine of the scapula is located close to WOF?
A. Acromion process
B. Inf angle
C. Vertebral border
D. Sup angle
79) The adenohypophysis is dreived from WOF?
A. Mesoderm
B. Endoderm
C. Neuroectoderm
D. Oral ectoderm
80) Malformation of the hindgut is a result of abnormal?
A. Fusion of mesentery
B. Development of urogenital septum
C. Migration of neural creat cells
D. Rotation of the gut
81) The ______is located in which part of the mediastinum?
A. Sup
B. Ant
C. Middle
D. Post