Baba's Clarification of Murlis 6

Baba's Clarification of Murlis 6

Parampita Paramatma ShivBaba Yaad Hai?

Baba's clarification of murli-6-6-86-tape-203

Are you sitting down in an atma abhimani stage (in soulconsciousness)? Ask yourselves, you have to ask everything your ownselves. Bap is telling a yukti, ask your ownselves are you sitting in an atma abhimani stage? Are you remembering Baba? This is your ruhanisena (spiritual army). In the army of the outside world there are young people but here in this army we have youngsters fourteen/fifteen years old, ninety year old people are also sitting here and very young children as well. This is a sena (an army). This is the army for conquering Maya. Everyone has to have victory over Maya and take the unlimited inheritance from the father. Because Maya is very powerful father makes you understand and the children know for themselves that Maya is strong. Every karm indria (sense orsgans) deceive us a lot but which karm indria deceive you the most? The eyes deceive the most! For example a married man when he looks at another beautiful woman, the eyes pull him towards her. Eyes deceive a lot. Which eyes, Charam chakshu (physical eyes/eyes of the flesh) or the inner eye? Charam means chamari (flesh). In the murli it has been said these charam chakshus are criminal eyes and the inner eye is the civil eye. So which eyes deceive you now? The charam chakshus. So should you keep company with these eyes? Should you keep company with the organs which deceive you the most? If you sit with these organs contacting each other what will be the result? In the murli Baba has said when you sit in yaadh (remembrance) no part (angh) of your bodies should touch other souls bodies. Are eyes not a part of the body? Yes, these eyes are also part of the body. So Baba has never said in any murli that kanyas and matas should sit down and make contact through their eyes with the eyes of the males (giving dhrishti). Because in this patit (impure) world everyone's dhrishti is also patit. In this patit world everyone is patit vikari (vice-full). There is not even one nirvikari (viceless). From A to Z, meaning Alaf to end, from Prajapita to the last soul of the 500 karor, everyone is patit vikari. So who should you take the dhrishti from? If you have nischay that ShivBaba has come then you take dhrishti from him only. Like Baba used to ask who's ghodh (lap) have you come into, Brahma's or ShivBaba's. If you think it is Brahma's lap you have come into then you become impure. In the same way the one who is the sarav shaktivan Bap, (most powerful father) only with his dhrishti this shristi (world) will become nirvikari. It has been said the eight will become complete civil eyed but it can not be said about these eight that their eyes have become civil as yet. When this happens then those eight who have become civil eyed can make others civil eyed also. As you know now the eyes deceive you a lot.

Childrenhave been explained, always have in your intellect that we Brahma Kumar and Brahma Kumari are brother and sister. We are the children of Prajapita Brahma, bhai bahen amongst ourselves. Even in this Maya deceives you in a gupt way (incognito). The criminal dhrishti still takes place whilst thinking we are bhai bahen. You should keep a chart and write how many times during the day your eyes became criminal. You should also write during the whole day which organ deceived you the most. The eyes are the biggest enemy and what should you do to your biggest enemy? You should always practise to have control over your biggest enemy. You should write that to such and such a female my dhrishti got pulled. There is the example of Surdas who took his eyes out. Where are all these examples from? If Surdas who took his eyes out. Where are all these examples from? If Surdas took his eyes out should we also take our eyes out? It is not a question of taking your eyes out. You should not be such cowards that when you to talk to others that you look at their stomach instead of their eyes. You do not have to become such cowards. What do you have to do? Not to see whilst seeing. We keep ourselves in atmic dhrishti and see the atma. Seeing others with a soul conscious vision. This is when we have to talk to someone. If you judge for yourself then you know that eyes deceive the most. The eyes also deceive some serviceable children, so you should try to keep these enemies under control otherwise these eyes will destroy your status. The sensible children should keep a note in their diary about their dhrishti. If the eyes are still deceiving then they should punish themselves. In bhakti marg also if at the time of puja (worship) the intellect runs here and there then they punish themselves by pinching themselves. So if some female comes in your way you should look the other way. You should not stand there and look at her. Eyes are very, very deceiving. That is why sanyasis shut their eyes and sit. They make the females sit in the back and the males in the front. Why is that? Because the sanyasis too know that males are more vikaris. The females are more shy and can control themselves better. It is also said in the murlis that all males are Duriyodhan Dushashan (evil characters from Mahabharata). There are some males who do not even look at the females. You children have to do a lot of hard work. It is not a small thing to gain the kingdom of the world. People of the world collect millions in their wealth but it all finishes. You children get an imperishable inheritance of the gyan rathan (jewels of knowledge). By this you gain everything, there is nothing that you will desire anymore. That is why it has been said that these gyan rathans will become sthul rathans (physical jewels). There is so much power in these gyan rathans that you will not have to work hard again. The difference between the end of kaliyug and the beginning of satyug is like night and day. Now this is your Purushottam sangamyug, you must always use the word Purushottam because one is samaneya sangamyug (ordinary sangamyug) and the other is Purushottam sangamyug (elevated sangamyug). Purushottam sangamyug is the one in which uttam souls (most elevated souls) get revealed to show who are the most uttam numberwise. Purushottam sangamyug is the time for the rosary to be revealed. You become from manushya (human being) to Devta. Now you are Brahmin and tomorrow you will become a Devta, narakwasi (resident of hell) have to become swaragwasi (resident of heaven). Having understood this you make purusharth. The other human beings are in deep darkness, There are many who will not be able to see swarag. The real purusharth is to see swarag whilst being alive with these very eyes. If our eyes keep on remaining criminal and we make others criminal eyed as well and we keep on performing this act in the name of yog, we will not be able to see swarag with this eyes. There is also bhog with the eyes (sexlust through eyes).

Father says children your Dharm (religion) gives you a lot of happiness. What is so special about our dharm? It is the object of our dharm, that in satyug Krisha's dhrishti drowns only in Radha and likewise Radha's dhrishti is only for Krishna. Even with the dhrishti we will not be vyabhichari, our dhrishti there will be avaybhachari (for each other only). You have to practise this now in sangamyug. MERA TO EK SHIVBABA DUSRA NA KOYI (mine is one ShivBaba and no one else). Those who's practise of this being avaybhachari becomes pakka, only those will go to satyug and become civil eyed Devtas. There is a song about Sita and Savitri that they never lifted their eyes to see other males. In the same Bharat now there is an eclipse of the devil Rahu, that is why in the name of yoga and against Baba's shrimat of the murli bhoglila (play of the sexuality) is taking place. When males and females sit in yoga and give dhrishti to one another that atmosphere can not become pure. On the contrary that atmosphere will keep on becoming worse and worse. Instead of becoming swarag this world will keep on becoming narak. Vibrations will keep on becoming impure and the karm indrias (sense organs) will end up being corrupt (bhrasht). A few will come out who will be following Baba's murli. Baba has never said in any murli to sit and give dhrishti in the name of yog. He has never said in any murli to sit and give dhrishti in the name of yog. He has even said in Brahma's body it is not Brahma who gives the dhrishti, the one who gives the dhrishti is ShivBaba. Baba has said I give the current of the power to you children, you can not do this. By these versions it can be clarified that human beings have no right to give dhrishti to one another. If someone however sits in class to keep an eye on the other children, in case they fall asleep or they make mischief, then it is a different matter. To think while sitting in yog that you will become pavan (pure) by taking drishti from the one sitting in front is completely wrong. Baba says your religion is the one which gives a lot of happiness and the speciality of your dharm is not only that your organs will become pure but also they will become avyabhichari (faithful to one). When the copper age starts where does the downfall begin from? The Devtas who are coming down are still in avyabhichari stage but Abraham who comes down 2500 years ago does not have in his intellect that such world exists here the organs are avyabhichari. In the intellect of the Islami's sits that the more vyabhichar we spread the more our generation will increase, they make a world were vyabhichar (connections with many) spreads whereas our dharm is special, human beings do not know anything. Even Bharatvasis have forgotten what heaven was. Christians also say there was heaven. Lakshmi and Narayan are known as God and Goddess, only God can make us such. That heaven where the Christians talk about when was it? In satyug there were no Christians, it must be at sangamyug definitely, the 100 karor Christians out of the 500 karor population will see and experience that there is a heaven or paradise on this earth will also experience Lord Krishna in practical.

So the father says you have to work very hard, keep writing your pota mail daily. For example which karm indria deceives you the most. The mouth also deceives you a lot. Before there use to be kacheri (confession) where every one use to admit their mistakes, such as I hid something for myself and ate it. Daughters who had come from good homes use to admit their mistakes. Maya is always on a war with you. To hide something and eat it, is also stealing from Baba's yagya. This is very bad. Stealing, no matter how little, is bad. The one who is a small thief today can become a big thief tomorrow. Maya catches you by the nose because the sanskars keep on becoming pakka. You should get rid of your bad habits. You should be strict with yourself and see for your ownself if you keep having bad habits what do I become. It is not a big thing to go to heaven but to achieve a good status is important. We should aim for a high status, look at the difference between raja and praja. The karm indrias are very deceiving.We should keep an eye on ourselves. We should be careful not to be deceived by some karm indrias, to get infatuated by someone because then we will break by some karm indrias, in other words you give your father a bad name. In the end in this yagya no one will remain hidden. Baba has said in the murli that in this yagya everything of everyone will become open and crystal clear. The ones who give Baba the true pota mail are all right but the ones who keep hiding better be aware, nothing will be kept hidden. The ones who are very well known today will be revealed as they are. So you should be very careful and keep an eye on your ownself. If you want to gain a high status then you have to follow the fathers directions completely. Baba will give you the directions but Maya will come in between and cause obstructions. Baba will give directions. When this vaani was being spoken through Brahma's mouth was he not giving directions then, why did he give signals for the future? New things of gyan were going to come, which was at that time not in the intellect of the children, it was said that Baba WILL give directions. Those bodily dharm gurus who are the souls who get converted into different religions they have sanskars of many births of their own individual religions, the sanskars of the colours of being vyabhichari. They will never feel or admit their mistakes. They will also try to put pressure on others that what we are doing is right. That is opposition to Baba's directions. That is why Baba said that Baba WILL give directions and Maya WILL come in between and cause obstacles. That is why Maya is called beti (daughter). Bap always says Maya is my beti. Baba says do not forget otherwise in the end there will be a lot of repentance. What is that you should not forget? Try to know my direction. My direction is to be yogi and to be pure. Baba's direction is to be yogi and to be pure. First of all which organ should you make pure? You have to make your criminal eyes into civil eyes. Do not have such practise which your criminal eyes instead of becoming civil keep become more criminal otherwise you will repent a lot and have a vision of not passing. The vision will be Baba saying: "look I made you understand all the gave you directions yet you did not listen and kept on following the directions of the bodily gurus." Now you say that you will become nar se Narayan. How high is your aim and object to become nar se Narayan. Narayan and Narayani's stage will be such that their eyes will only be for each other, not for anyone else. Sangamyugi Lakshmi and Narayan are shown even with a higher stage. In the pictures that Baba got made with the visions, look at them carefully, you will notice that Radhe and Krishna are looking at one another but Lakshmi and Narayan are not even looking at one another with dhrishti. They are with one another with their I come and put everything right. You have done apkar (defame yourself) and I come and do upkar (uplift you). If you keep on having kudrishti (impure vision) you will harm yourself. Your manzil (destination) is very high. That is why Baba says keep looking at your pota mail, have you done any vikarms? Vikarm means; vi means vipreet (against/opposite) and karm means action. Meaning have you done anything against the shrimat, whichBaba is giving, be it with eyes or any other karm indrias. All this becomes vikarm. Have you not deceived anyone? Because now you have to become vikarma jeet (conquerer of vikarms). There was also an emperor called Vikarma jit. Only you children know that his kingdom will start from the year 1-1-1. No one else knows about it. Baba explained to you children that it has been five thousand years since Vikarm jit time. When you do vikarms you go to wamarg (towards the left side, into downfall). If you look at the tree some branches are towards Bharat, the right hand side and some branches are to the left hand side. The left hand side branches are all vidharmis, the ones who sustain and spread the vyabhichar, they have full freedom, they think it is good to keep divorcing.

So Baba now has made us understand that what is the meaning of karm, akarm and vikarm. These are three words, how you perform karm, how these karms become akarms (neutral) and how they become vikarms. According to shrimat the actions that are being performed in Baba's yaadh become karms which can also be called sukrama (good actions) and akarms (neutral actions) are performed when there is only Baba's remembrance no thoughts, nirsankalpi stage, there are no thoughts good or bad.