Attend Quilt Show Committee Meetings As Scheduled by QS Chair(S)

Attend Quilt Show Committee Meetings As Scheduled by QS Chair(S)


-Attend Quilt Show Committee meetings as scheduled by QS Chair(s).

-Keep any purchases within your pre-determined budget amount. Do not make any purchase in excess of the predetermined budget without prior approval of Show Chair.

-Develop ribbon design (usuallyBPQ Logoor perhaps the artwork frompin). Present proposed design and colors to QS Chair and QS Committeefor approval (Order Ribbons – see pagedown)

NOTE: In 2008 we started to make ribbons by hand, a pattern with template, supply list and sample is in the folder.

-Modify the middle flare text year specific. 2010 files are on the CD in Word to be printed on T-shirt transfer (reverse print).
The silk screen for the logo print (big button) is at the house of Donna Dean .

-Form a team of workers and arrange for production of ribbons in voting categories. The number of ribbons according categories will be supplied by Layout Chairafter the categories are settled. You can now start to make ribbons, but should wait with the flare printing (and final assembly) for the finished layout in case quilts get dropped.

1st = Blue, 2nd = Red, 3rd = Yellow, BEST of …= Purple, or at least different and more elaborate.

-Make ribbons “Made by a Child”(= White) ahead of the actual quilt show date and pin it to appropriate quilts prior to show opening.

-Within four days of the end of the quilt showtheBallot Chairwill provide you with the final count of ribbons for the winners.
If a tie has occurred, be prepared to make additional ribbons.
If there are 4 or less entries in a category - only a 1st place ribbon will be given.

If there are 8 or less entries in a category - only 1st and 2nd place ribbon will be given.
If a tie has occurred in 1st or 2nd place, no 3rd place shall be given.

-Label the back of each ribbon according winner’s list with printed label stickers, provided by the Ballot Chair. These labels will includeCategory, # of Place, Name of the quilter, entry number and quilt name.

-Deliver labeled ribbons to award ceremony banquet (re-use the big envelopes).

-Deliver a final report to QS chair prior to or at the quilt show wrap-up meeting. This report should include all expenses incurred, give a brief summary of any concerns, and make suggestions for future improvements to this position (2 printed copies or preferably in Word.doc)

PREVIOUS RIBBON Chairs:(basic pattern idea: 2005 Hoffman Challenge Ribbon)

2007 -Carol Paschal (commercial)

2008 -Joyce Nelson

2009 -Lisa Jenni (author of pattern instructions)

2010, 2011 -Trish Grant

This step does not apply as long as we make our own ribbons by hand:
But if, get a quote of at least two different companies for the order (they are pricey, it pays to shop around). Order the bulk of ribbons as soon as the number of ribbons is clear, and quick-order if ties have occurred. Pick up printed ribbons and check whether all ordered ribbons are received and correctly labeled.

Updated by Lisa Jenni12/8/2018