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IDA Questionnaire on Access to Justice for Persons with Disabilities


In March 2013, International Disability Alliance (IDA) published a Human Rights Publication Series, with the inaugural edition on the Right to Vote and to Stand for Elections.

Considering the increased interest of persons with disabilities in accessing the justice and taking advantage of the Human Rights Council annual panel on the rights of persons with disabilities, to be held in March 2018, IDA is seeking to publish the second volume of its publication series dedicated to Art. 13 of the CRPD. Accordingly, IDA is requesting contribution from your capacity in order to support its submission to the Human Rights Council annual panel as well as your contribution to its Human Rights Publication series on the Rights to Access to Justice for Persons with Disabilities. IDA would appreciate your collaboration in filling the questionnaire below considering your area of work.

Please send back the filled questionnaire before the 21stof April 2017 to the email address

Thanks in advance for your contribution.

The Questionnaire

1. There is any law, policy or good practice on accommodating persons with disabilities in the administrative and judicial procedures particularly.

Please, provide detailed responses for the following questions:

  1. Are persons with disabilities accommodated in pre-litigation, including investigations, and litigation stages?
  2. Are persons with disabilities accommodated in legal standing before the judiciary and administrative justice including legal standing as witnesses?
  3. Does the judicial system guarantee effective remedies for persons with disabilities?
  4. Does the judicial system accommodate persons with disabilities in prisons and corrected and rehabilitation centers?

2. Give full details if there is any education and training programs on access to justice for Persons with Disabilities in

  1. University curriculums and other education programs?
  2. Legal aid programmes?
  3. Training programmes for police, judiciaries, prison staff, legal practitioners and other actors?

3. To what extent do groups who face intersectional discrimination fully and equally participate/ be accommodated in the justice system? In particular:

  1. Children or youth with disabilities?
  2. Persons with psychosocial disabilities?
  3. Women with disabilities?
  4. Indigenous with disabilities?
  5. Persons with intellectual disabilities?
  6. Persons with albinism?
  7. Any other group you want to mention:

4. To what extent do persons with disabilities participate in administration of justice: judges, clerk, jurors and so on?

5. Give full details if there is any good practice on monitoring the right to access to justice for persons with disabilities?

6. From your experience, how access to justice can effectively be monitored?

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