Appointment of a Reputable Service Provider to Provide Mail Archiving Software To

Appointment of a Reputable Service Provider to Provide Mail Archiving Software To

/ Doc No. NRCS No.010-2016/2017: Mail Archiving







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The National Regulator for Compulsory Specification (NRCS) was established on the 1st of September 2008, under the auspices of the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications Act, 2008 (Act 5 of 2008) hereinafter called the NRCS Act.

The NRCS is primarily responsible for the administration of three Acts that reside under its jurisdiction, namely the NRCS Act, the Legal Metrology Act,2014 (Act 9 of 2014)hereinafter called the LM Act, and the National Building Regulationsand Building Standards Act, 1977(Act 103 of 1977) hereinafter NBR Act. The NRCS also administers regulations that fall under the jurisdiction of other governments departments, as per agreements.

The NRCS as the regulator consist of the following business units namely: Automotive; Chemicals, Mechanical and Materials, Electrotechnical as well as Food and Associated Industries.

The NRCS currently employed 320 of employees however the required services will only be rendered at the Regional NRCS Offices as provided in the table below:

Site / Number of users
Cape Town / 48
Durban / 20
Port Elizabeth / 15
Bloemfontein / 7
Pretoria / 212


2.1The NRCS is looking for an effective email management solution that will be able to detect the e-mail associated risks and easy to implement and manage. The solution needs to include mailing archiving and continuity.


3.1Currently the NRCS ICT infrastructure is hosted at Vodacom Midrand and all the regions connect to hosting site using MPLS.

3.2The email architecture consists of the following:

  • Active Directory server
  • Laptops and desktops running windows operation systems
  • 2 x Exchange 2010 servers
  • 370 mailboxes
  • 3 Terabyte mailbox size


The email archive solution should include the following requirements:

4.1Email Security:

4.1.1 Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam

4.1.2Branding & corporate stationery
4.1.3TLS encryption of email traffic

4.1.4Secure message delivery with Closed Circuit Messaging (CCM)

4.1.5Email and SMS alerting service

4.1.6 Advanced reporting tools

4.1.7 Data leak prevention policies

4.1.8Centrally-enabled secure email features that users can assign to messages in Outlook

4.1.9 Services for Outlook, email stationery tools, email encryption, secure online communication and data leak prevention options, as well as managing personal block and allow lists

4.1.10 Target threat protection

4.1.11 Content Scanning

4.2 Email Continuity:

4.2.1 Always-on ’email service

4.2.2 Uninterrupted access to live email via Outlook, as well as messages from all archived mail

4.2.3 Fully integrated email continuity service for all smartphone users

4.2.4 Access to all archive mails from all smartphones and iPad users

4.2.5 Personal Portal allows easy access from any web browser

4.2.6 Routing of emails

4.2.7 Large files sharing

4.2.8 100% uptime

4.2.9 Email ingestion 3 Terabytes

4.2.10 Outlook access via internet

4.3Email Archiving:

4.3.1Perpetual archive

4.3.2 Email archive access from desktop, smartphone, tabletsand web browser

4.3.3 Browse and search for stored email messages directly from Microsoft Outlook

4.4 Other Requirements:

4.1.4 Administration training for 6 (six) people in the ICT environment.

4.5. Bidders need to indicate if they comply with the NRCS scope of work as per the table below:

No. / Component / Compliant
(Indicate Yes or No) / Comments
1 / Email Security
2 / Email Continuity
3 / Email Archiving
4 / Other Requirements


The NRCS intends to award a contract for email archiving services to the preferred bidder for a period of 36 (thirty-six) months subject to the service level agreement being signed and concluded by both parties.


6.1The NRCS may, at its sole discretion award an assignment or any part thereof to one or more bidder.

6.2The NRCS may at its own discretion vary an instruction to decrease or increase theassignment.

6.3 The bidder may not cede or assign any part of its agreement with the NRCS nor subcontract any part of the assignment assigned to them by the NRCS to any third party.

6.4The quoted price must include inflation escalation and specify exchange rates used or where applicable in terms of the pricing of this bid for the whole duration of 36 (Thirty-six) months.

6.5The NRCS may prescribe specifications to fit in with the operational requirements.

6.6The NRCS reserves the right to impose penalties should the service provider fails to perform the services within the services the period(s) specified in the contract, deduct from the contract price, as a penalty, a sum calculated on the unperformed services using the current prime interest calculated for each day of the delay until actual performance.

6.7The NRCS reserves the right to exercise the non-exclusive option.

6.8No services will be rendered without a contract being signed by both parties.

6.9The NRCS may disqualify a Bidder whose proposal contains a misrepresentation which is materially incorrect or misrepresented.

6.10 Should the resource(s) provided to render the services to the NRCS resigns or any other acts of God, the appointed bidder to provide the same resource(s). The NRCS reserves the right to verify the resources provided at any given time.


7.1The general conditions of tender, the National Treasury General Conditions of Contract (GCC), Service Level Agreement and order will be applicable to this tender.

7.2The NRCS reserves the right to award the bid in full or part.


Please note that failure to lodge and adhere to the following requirements will lead to an immediate disqualification:

a. The prospective bidder must be registered on Central Supplier Database (CSD)prior to submitting bids

b.The following key information will be accessed and verified on CSD, namely:

  1. Business registration, including details of directorship and membership
  2. Tax compliance status

c. Completed and signed SBD forms 1, 3.1, 4, 6.1, 8 and 9

d. Provide proof of product reseller or product partnership

e.Late Submissions will not be accepted

f. Compliance to the specifications/ scope of work detailed in clause 4


For the purpose of comparison and in order to ensure a meaningful evaluation, bidders must submit detailed information in substantiation of compliance to the evaluation criteria mentioned (e.g. details of relevant previous work undertaken, letters from previous /current clients, etc.)

Minimum Required Score for functionality is: 65points out of 100 points and any bidder scoring less than 65points will not be considered for further evaluation.

Service Providers that then qualify in terms of the functionality cut-off points of 65points will then be evaluated in terms of price and preference points

A detailed response to each element in the evaluation matrix must be prepared. Prospective bidders may include an Annexure. Failure to address each element of the matrix will be perceived as non-compliance with the terms of reference and may invalidate the bid proposal.

Evaluation Matrix

1 / Past Relevant experience
Demonstrate the following:
Must provide 3 (three) reference letters with contactable details on your clients’ letter heads where work of a similar nature was undertaken (The services provided should not be older than 24 (twenty-four months) / 3 and 3 contactable = (Value 5)
3 and 2 contactable = (Value 4)
3 and 1 contactable = (Value 3)
3 non contactable = (Value 2)
2 and less = (Value1)
None-submission = 0 / 15
2 / Methodology and Project Plan Approach: Submit project methodology approach for the scope of work as outlinedin paragraph 4.1 to 4.4 (how would you achieve our requirements /
  • If the project methodology has information on only one of the items of scope of work as outlined (10 points)
  • If the project methodology has information on only two of the items of scope of work as outlined (10 points)
  • If the project methodology has information on only three of the items of scope of work as outlined (10 points)
  • If the project methodology has information on all four of the items of scope of work as outlined (10 points)
  • None-submission = 0
/ 40
4 / Training of 6 Administrators and skill transfer plan / 10
5 / Turn-around time for queriesincluding contingency plan /
  • Score of 5 for below combination
Emergency call 2 hours
Major call 4 hours
Standard call 8 hours
  • Score of 3 for below combination
Emergency call 4 hours
Major call 6 hours
Standard call 10 hours
If no information is provided you get a 0 in line with turn-around times provided by the NRCS / 15
6 / Experience of the core team to be allocated to the NRCS:
The Bidder must provide curriculum vitae of key personnel detailing their qualifications, experience and skills relevant to this type of resources or services required by the NRCS / 5= >15 years
4= >10-15 years
3= 10 years
2= 5-10 years
1= <5 years
0=None-submission / 20
TOTAL / 100
Minimum Threshold / 65

The bids will be evaluated on a scale of 0-5. Each panel member will rate individual criterion on the score sheet using the following scale:

Value / Description
5 – Excellent / Meets and exceed the functionality requirements
4 – Very Good / Above average compliance to the requirements
3 – Good / Satisfactory and should be adequate for stated element
2 – Average / Compliance to the requirements
1 – Poor / Unacceptable, does not meet set criteria
0 / None-submission

A bidder/s that score less than 65points out of 100 in respect of functionality will be regarded as submitting a non-responsive bid and will be disqualified.

Bidder/s that meetsthe minimum required percentage or minimum points, will be evaluated in terms of price and preference as per the PPPFA Act, No.5 of 2000 and its associated Regulations issued by the National Treasury 2017.

NOTE: For the purpose of comparison and in order to ensure a meaningful evaluation, bidders must submit detailed information in substantiation of compliance to the evaluation criteria mentioned-above.

Bid will be evaluated on the basis of the PPPFA 80/20-point system as presented in the Preferential Procurement Regulations 2017, for this purpose SBD 6.1 form should be scrutinized, completed and submitted together with your quotation. The 80/20-point system will be as follows:

B-BBEE Status Level of Contributor / Number of points
(80/20 system)
1 / 20
2 / 18
3 / 14
4 / 12
5 / 8
6 / 6
7 / 4
8 / 2
Non-compliant contributor / 0


The bidder shall place the Bid Proposal envelopes into an outer envelope or package, and must be clearly marked as follows:

Bid No. NRCS 010-2016/2017

Description: Appointment of a reputable service provider to provide mail archiving software to the NRCS for aperiod of 36 (thirty-six)

months (NRCS 010-2016/2017)

Bid closing date and time: 26 February 2018at 11H00 (Submission of late bids will not be accepted)

Name and address of the bidder:______

NB: The bid proposal envelope shall contain one original hard copy document, clearly marked “original”, and three (3) hard copies, clearly marked “Copy” (i.e. three documents to be included in each envelope.


A completed and signed bid document must be submitted in a file. The bid/tender documentation must be placed into a file with dividers between every schedule. The schedule must be numbered as follows:

Item / Description / Submitted (Yes/No)
Schedule 1 / All documents for minimum requirements
Schedule 2 / The Functionality criteria documentation
Schedule 3 / Certified ID copies of the directors / trustees / shareholders and their shareholding percentages
Schedule 4 / Proof of product reseller or product partnership
Schedule 5 / Original and valid B-BBEE status levels verification certificate or a certified copy thereof, substantiating your B-BBEE rating.