Application for a / Btrainer S License

Application for a / Btrainer S License



Name of Applicant:______

Address – Mumbai:______




Telephone no Mumbai______


Mobile Phone______


Blood group ______

I, ______hereby apply to the Stewards of the R. W. I. T. C., Ltd. for a/an A / B Trainer's License (Applicant for a B license should notify the Turf Authority under which he/she holds an A Trainers license - ______) under the Rules of Racing of the Club for the year ______to ______. This application is made on the following terms and conditions.

1. I have read all the relevant Rules of Racing, the Rules of Track and the various norms, notices, notifications, etc. which have been duly published and/or notified by the R. W.I.T.C. Ltd. in the Racing Calendar. I have understood all the implications of the said rules and notices and accept the legality and validity thereof, as well as specifically the right of the Stewards and/or the Club to amend, modify, change and/or vary any of the said rules and regulations without any reference to or notice to me and I specifically agree and accept not only the right of the Stewards and/or of the Club to amend modify or vary the said notices but the fact that I shall be bound by them when issued.

2. I have familiarized myself with the procedures laid down from time to time by the Stewards of the Club for holding enquiries and/or otherwise dealing with matters arising out of and pertaining to racing. I accept the validity and reasonableness of the procedures and agree to be bound and observe all the decisions and orders of the Stewards of the Club as well as the Board of Appeal under the Articles of Association of the Club.

3. I undertake that the grant of such a license would be on an annual basis and I shall not claim or demand any right to renewal thereof. I further undertake that the issuance of this license is liable to suspension and/or cancellation in the event of there being a breach on my part of the rules and notifications applicable to me.

4. I take the full responsibility for the horses in my charge or which will subsequentlycome into and to be responsible to the Stewards of the Club for any irregularities or breaches in the Rules, Regulations or Notices in connection with any of the horses in my charge.

5. I undertake to look after and take care of the upkeep of the horses in my- charge and to diligently and faithfully discharge my obligations towards the horses and the owners thereof.

6. I accept specifically the right of the Stewards to limit the number of horses that can be in the charge of any particular trainer as also the right of the Stewards to allot at their sole discretion, such stables as may be available. I undertake not to claim any right in respect of any stable whatsoever or any particular stable. I further undertake that the use of stable allotted to me and the Bund school or tracks for the purpose of training my horse is conditional upon my continuing to hold the said license and I shall not claim any right in relation thereto of any kind whatsoever.

7. If I shall subsequently take a horse other than those specified in application for a license from any source, I will undertake to notify the fact with all necessary particulars, to the Club at once, stating the source from which I have taken over the horse.

8. I undertake to intimate to the Club at once the name and particulars of any horse that shall leave my charge, giving the name of the person to whom I have handed it over and the reason for doing so.



9. Any official of the Club shall have the right to enter my stables or any place where my horses are kept in my presence or of my Deputy or otherwise in the discharge of his official duties and/or for the purpose of satisfying himself that all the rules, notices and conditions of this license are complied with.

10 I agree to be bound by all the Rules applicable to Medication. In the event of any samples of sweat, saliva and urine taken being returned Positive or Atypical by the Club's Analyst, the owners of all horses in my charge will be duly informed of the fact by the Club and I agree to take full responsibility for the same and abide by any decision taken by the Stewards in this connection in accordance with the Medication Rules prevalent from time to time.

11. I accept that as a license of the Club I have an obligation towards ensuring that racing is properly conducted and administered and I shall not take any action or step which will have the effect of in any way disrupting or adversely affecting racing.

12. Ihereby consent and undertake to be bound by the Articles of Association, Rules of Racing, Notification, bye-laws, other rules and regulation etc. of the Club which are in force from time to time, including without limitation, the provisions relating to the exclusive jurisdiction of Mumbai Courts only.

13.I undertake that I will be obliged to have the Audit of Manpower/ other costs audited as and when such an Audit is conducted by the Western India Race Horse Owners’ Association Ltd.

14.I agree that I will not have any right over the Stables allotted to me at Mumbai/ Pune and that I accept that I may be allotted Stables at any location, at the discretion of the Club.

15.I agree to pay the license Fee of Rs. ______or such other fee as may be determined by the Stewards and accept that the said license fee shall not be refundable in any circumstances should racing be disrupted or my license be suspended or cancelled for any reason whatsoever.


(Signature of Applicant)

Please debit license fee of Rs. ______to my account.




Names and addresses of persons for whom the applicant trains horses, together with particulars of such horses.

Name of Owners (in full) / Address
(in full) / H O R S E S
Colour / Class / Sex / Name / Sire / Dam / Age