Agricultural Research Station Serai Naurang (Bannu)

Agricultural Research Station Serai Naurang (Bannu)


1.1 Organization.

Parent department name / Agricultural Research Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Secretary / Agriculture Livestock & Cooperative Department
Head of directorate / attached unit / Mr. Afsarullah Khan
List of wings / sub units

1.2. About Us.

Introduction / Agricultural Research Station Serai Naurang was established in 1962 with total area of 25 Acres. Out of this 17 Acre land is allocated for research activities while the remaining 8 acres is under office building and residential colony. The post of Agronomist (Station In-Charge) was created in 1975. The research activities were confined to different crops and fruit plants like wheat, maize, sugarcane, citrus fruits, ber and dates etc. Another post of Agronomist (Sugarcane) was also sanctioned at this station to strengthen research work on sugarcane during 1986-87.
Official message from Head of Department with picture. / N.A
Organization Structure. /
Functions. / Research & Development
Objectives. / 1-Evaluation/Development of new varieties of major crops and fruit plants best suited under the Agro-ecological condition of the area.
2-Formulation of advance production technology for different crops and fruit plants.
3-Testing of soil and water samples for fertility status and fertilizer formulation.
Vision/Future Plan / To cater to the food needs of the community through improvement
in agriculture production by evolving new techniques/high potential
suitable varieties of different commodities in the area.
Development and dissemination of new Package of production
1-The economic level of major nutrients, best time and method of sowing of different crops like wheat and sugarcane were studied and recommended for the area.2-The more profitable technology i.e. off-season vegetable production of Squash melon under plastic tunnel technology was evaluated and disseminated for commercial cultivation in the area.3-A new high value cash crop (Sugar beet) was introduced for cultivation on commercial scale as a better substitute for sugarcane.Medium and long term plans
Mid term plans:
New high potential, suitable Varieties / Production technology of major crops like Wheat, Sugarcane and Maize will be evaluated and disseminated systematically in the area through adaptive research trials, publication and field days / conferences in the areas.
Long term plans:
To improvement the socio-economic condition of farming community through evaluation/introduction of new profitable crops and advance production technology on commercial level.
Qualitative and quantitative change in the production of major crops in the area.
Development Project/ADP / Nil
Achievements / Wheat
S.No / Name of Variety / Year of Release / Yield Potential
Kg/ha / Area of Recommendations
1 / Marwat- J-01 / 2001 / 1000-3000 / Rain fed Area of KPK
2 / Lakki –J-03 / 2003 / 900-2800 / -do-
3 / Amin-10 / 2010 / 1200-5000 / -do-
Sugar cane
S.No / Name of Variety / Year of Release / Yield Potential
tons/ha / Sugar Recovery % / Area of Recommendations
1 / Bannu -1 / 1990 / 95-120 / 10-10.5 / K.P.K
2 / Naurang-98 / 1998 / 90-110 / 10.5-11.75 / -do-
3 / Bannu -3 / 2003 / 95-115 / 11.0-12.5 / -do-
4 / Bannu Green / 2004 / 100-125 / 10.5-11.6 / -do-
5 / K.B.-10 / 2010 / 110-145 / 10-10.75 / -do-
Candidate Lines:
Other information. / 1-Reseach publication based on the research done in the farm .
2- Supervision of M.Sc (Hons) and B.Sc (Hons) students of various universities.

1.3 Services.

Forms/Public Related Application Forms. / Nil
Notifications / Nil
Publications / Nil
Rules /Regulations / Administrative and accounts rules are followed.
Downloads / Nil
Image Gallery / Nil
Maps / Nil
For Public (How do I) / Nil
Additional Services. / Nil

1.4 e-citizen Corner.

Indicator / Details
Seed / Seed of modern and high yielding varieties of wheat and maize are sold to farmers to increase their production and to increase their income.
Analysis of water and soil samples. / Farmers bring their soil and water samples for analysis and they get recommendation of the soil suitability for crop production and water quality for irrigation purposes.
Advisory Service. / Farmers of the area come to station and get advices and information about production of crops, fruit and other technology related to agriculture.

1.5.Services LocatorsNot related.

1.6 Public Access to Government.

S.No. / Officers (Designation only) / Address/Telephone No.Fax No../Email
1- / Director / Agricultural Research Station Serai/Naurang (Bannu) 03318544006/0969350326/0969352474/
2- / Research Officer
Soil Chemistry / Agricultural Research Station Serai/Naurang (Bannu) 03469883389/0969352474/
3- / Research Officer
Soil Chemistry / Agricultural Research Station Serai/Naurang (Bannu) 03459890910/0969352474/
4- / Research Officer
Agronomy(Cereal) / Agricultural Research Station Serai/Naurang (Bannu) 03459206291/0969352474/
5- / Research Officer
Agri:Chemistry. / Agricultural Research Station Serai/Naurang (Bannu) 03455933419/0969352474/

1.7 Most Demanded Information/Services (MDiS).

Indicator / Detail
Seed Varieties / Farmers visit station and get information about the new and high yielding varieties of various crops.
Fertilizer doses for various crops / Farmers of the area also enquire about the usage of fertilizer dose for various crops.
Use of pesticides and weedicides. / Farmers of the area take great interest in the use of various pesticides and weedicides for various insects and crops.

1.8 FAQ.

Indicator/Sectors / Detail
Seed problems. / The farmers have to face the seed shortage problems in the area because farmers are in lage numbers and the seed available with research and extension department does not meet the need of them so it is the most serious problem of the farmers in the area.
Water problems / Shortage of water is the most serious problem for the farmers of the area because water is the vital for every living organism.The irrigation water in the form of canal is shor every time and the tube well water is not available in proper amount and proper time because the load shedding of power/electicity in the area is in teasing condition so the tube wells of the farmer do not provide the required amount of water.
Agri: Knowledge / Lack of Agri. Knoledge is the main problem of the area and farmers use their traditional methods but we are are trying to convey and transfer the modern agri:technology through field days,face to face meetings with farmers and radio talks.

1.9 Technical

Indicator / Detail
Sub Domain /
Emails /
Secretary (Official)
Secretary (Namely)


1.10. e HOW. Not Related.

1.11 Emails

Designation / Proposed Email (Address)
Director /
SRO Entomology /
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SRO Maize Agronomy /
SRO Wheat Agronomy /
SRO Soil Chemistry /
SRO Sugarcane /
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