ACF National Championship Tournament

ACF National Championship Tournament

ACF National Championship Tournament

Tossups by Athens State University (Lee Henry, Daniel McHan, and Kivin Childers)

He was made cup-bearer to Persian ruler Artaxerxes I soon after the Babylonian Exile ended, when the Temple of Jerusalem had been rebuilt but the Jewish community was still weak and fragmented. Also, he revived the adherence to Mosaic Law and forbade intermarriage with non-Jews. His work as a reformer was later continued by Ezra. FTP, name this man whose organization of the rebuilding of the city walls of Jerusalem can be found in his namesake book of the Old Testament.

Answer: Nehemiah

Following the reinstatement of Archbishop Gustav Trolle, followers of Sten Sture the Younger decided to recognize Christian II -AKA Christian the Tyrant - as its king and were therefore granted amnesty. However, the archbishop convinced Christian II to execute the eighty nobles and bishops in Stortorget Sqaure despite the earlier promise of amnesty. FTP, name this 1520 event that precipitated the rebellion of Gustav Vasa in Sweden.

Answer:Stockholm Bloodbath or Stockholm Massacre

The son of Polish immigrants in New York, he studied at the Art Students League. In 1978, he worked with Carole King on the musical Really Rosie. In the 1980s he also worked as a stage designer, developing stage productions for The Magic Flute and The Nutcracker. Additionally, he illustrated over eighty books before deciding to write one of his own. FTP, identify this the author of 1956’s Kenny’s Window as well as the trilogy which includes 1970’s In the Night Kitchen, 1981’s Outside Over There, and which began with 1963’s Where the Wild Things Are.

Answer: Maurice Bernard Sendak

If a manifold M of dimension at least 6 has two boundary components W and W prime whose inclusion is a homotopy equivalence, M is diffeomorphic to W times a closed interval. This result of Stephen Smale is often called the most important theorem in all of topology. FTP, name this theorem which has as one of its consequences the high-dimensional Poincare Conjuncture.

Answer: h-Cobordism Theorem

Like Kipling, this British author was born in India. At the age of five, he was sent to live with relatives in England due to the death of his father. In 1837, after studying at Oxford, he became a journalist where he contributed to Fraser’s Magazine and Punch. His novels, written under pseudonyms such as Ikey Solomon and Michelangelo Titmarsh, include The Memoirs of Barry Lyndon and The Book of Snobs. FTP, identify this author who created Beck Sharp in his masterpiece Vanity Fair.

Answer: William Makepeace Thackeray

He began his musical instruction under Schwemmer and continued at the Universities of Altdorf and Ratisbon. He was a close personal friend and contemporary of Dietrich Buxtehude, and was also the teacher of Johann Christoph Bach, who in turn taught Johann Sebastian Bach. Considered very conservative musically, he wrote a huge amount of music, including a number of sacred concertos on sacred texts as well as a number of Magnificat for the service of Vespers. However, he is best remembered today for only one piece, which many speculate he didn’t even write. FTP, identify this supposed composer of Canon in D.

Answer: Ludwig Pachelbel

This machine has an unusual history going back to the beginning of the 20th century on a day when Austrian scientist Hans Berger had a horsing accident. That evening he received a telegram telling him his sister felt he was in danger. Already familiar with the work of Richard Caton, a Liverpool physician and medical school lecturer, who discovered electrical brain signals by probing directly on the surface of exposed brains of animals, the telegram inspired Berger to investigate the possible association between mental telepathy and the electrical activity in the brain. Thus, the development of - FTP - what device used to record patterns of electrical activity produced by neuron activity in the brain?

Answer: Electroencephalograph or EEG

Patroness of the city of Sais in the Nile River Delta, this deity was worshipped in predynastic times and several queens of the first dynasty were named in her honor. She also became an important goddess in the city of Memphis where she was considered the “female Anubis” - a goddess who was a guide to the underworld as well as a protector of the dead. She was usually depicted wearing a red crown, holding crossed arrows and a bow. FTP, name this Egyptian war goddess who was the mother of Sebek and later the mother of Re.

Answer: Neith (Pronounced Net)

His eponymous law can be stated as log N = log A + m log x where N is the number of income earners who receive incomes higher than x, and A and m are constants. A leader of the “second generation” of the Neoclassical Revolution, he was only mildly influential during his lifetime. However, his “tastes-and-obstacles” approach to general equilibrium theory were resurrected in the 1930s in what is referred to by economists as his “revival” and has had a profound impact on economic theory since that time. FTP, identify this Italian economist of the Lausanne School who is remembered for his namesake optimality.

Answer: Vilfredo Pareto

It was built on the theory that quarks interact via the strong force because they carry a form of “strong charge,” which is known as its “color,” an idea proposed by American physicist Oscar Greenberg and independently by Japanese physicist Yoichiro Nambu in 1964. The theory was confirmed in 1979 when quarks were shown to emit gluons during studies of high-energy particle collisions at the German national laboratory in Hamburg. The three types of charge are called red, green, and blue, in analogy to the primary colors of light, though there is no connection with the usual sense of visual color. FTP, name this theory that describes the action of the strong force.

Answer: Quantum chromodynamics or (QCD)

At the age of 10, he lost his father, who had moved to Boston one year after marrying in Ireland. Very soon after his father’s death, his mother would remarry. Her new husband, Peter Pelham, was a widower with five children of his own. He also happened to be an artist and a school teacher. Tragically, Peter died, once again leaving this future artist fatherless - however, he also left him all of his art supplies. He became famous for his portraits d’apparat - portraits that depicted his subjects with objects associated with their daily lives or professions. FTP, identify this man, considered one of the best painters of the American Colonial Period, the painter of 1778’s Watson and the Shark.

Answer: John Singleton Copley

His first play was 1922’s Baal, which was followed by 1926’s A Man’s a Man. The developer of the theory of the “epic theatre,” which was his attempt to reduce the audience’s emotional response to a play in order to ensure their grasp of the rational message therein, he exiled himself to Scandinavia when the Nazis assumed power in his native Germany. Later moving to America, he received flack for his Marxist beliefs, and returned to East Germany in 1949 where he established the Berliner Ensemble theatre troupe. FTP, identify this playwright of The Seven Deadly Sins,The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahogany, and The Caucasian Chalk Circle.

Answer: Bertolt Brecht

This natural treasure emerged as a landform when the Continental Shelf made its last significant shift. George Washington, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Jefferson invested a total of $20,000 in a disastrous scheme to drain it for farmland, though Washington should have known better - as he surveyed it in 1763. A canal cut through its 106,000 acres in 1828 now marks the edge of the National Wildlife Refuge that shares its name. FTP, identify this depressingly named marshland in southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina.

Answer: Great Dismal Swamp

This native of Fairmont, West Virginia began to study dance and acrobatics at age 4. At just under 4 feet 9 inches tall, she became the first gymnast ever inducted into the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame, doing so the year after she received perfect scores in her final two events to win a dramatic victory in the combined exercises. FTP, identify this athlete, who became the first American woman gymnast to win an Olympic Gold Medal in the, doing so at the Los Angeles Games in 1984.

Answer: Mary Lou Retton

Very few complete fossils of this class have been discovered. One famous fossil, the Rhinobatis - or guitarfish, shown on display at the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt, Germany, is from the Upper Cretaceous and was discovered in Haqel, Lebanon, a place that has a relative abundance of such fossils. All members lack true bones; only their teeth, and sometimes their vertebrae, are calcified and this calcified cartilage has a different structure from that of true bone. FTP, identify this class of fish that includes skates, rays, and sharks.

Answer: Chondrichthyes

This novel opens with a passage explaining how a fly-over by a jet had completely shut down the community out of fear. The protagonist’s sister, Lily, just wants to get a bike. While awaiting the upcoming “Ceremony of Twelve,” the protagonist has his first sexual dream about Fiona and is subsequently given his “medicine,” which will rid him of his “stirrings.” He first realizes that he has the ability to “see beyond” when he detects a slight change in an apple that he is tossing with his friend, we later learn that this slight change is in fact, Jonas’s first experience with color. FTP, identify this Newberry Winning novel in which Jonas is chosen to replace the title character, who is in charge of keeping the memories of experiences now forgotten in the colorless, loveless community in which they live.

Answer: The Giver

After completing his studies at the Belgian Academy of Fine Arts, he started designing wallpaper and did advertising sketches until he received the funding from a Brussels art gallery to become a full time painter. His earlier works were in the Cubist and Futurists styles, but in 1922 he discovered the style that would make him famous. FTP, name this Belgian painter who in 1922 turned to Surrealism and started painting works such as The Menaced Assassin and The Key of Dreams.

Answer: Rene Magritte

At the beginning of this story, Roy Sorenson asks a schoolmate about Rilke’s “Duino Elegies.” That schoolmate, Lane, is waiting at the station for the title character to arrive. After she arrives, they go to a restaurant where she orders only a chicken sandwich that she doesn’t even want and never touches. She then explains to Lane about her obsession with the “Jesus Prayer” and passes out. FTP, identify this short-story by Salinger, published in a book along with Zooey.

Answer: Franny (accept Franny and Zooeybefore the end)

Formed in response to the political upheaval and civil war following the floods and famines that accompanied catastrophic changes in the course of the Huang River between AD 2 and 11, they painted their faces so as to have the supposed facial characteristics of demons. With a leader who spoke through mediums, in AD 23 they overthrew Wang Mang, the usurper whose reign interrupted the Han dynasty. FTP, identify this peasant group who was finally defeated when an opposing army caused great confusion by painting the hair above their eyes the same eponymous color.

Answer: Red Eyebrows or Chi Mei

After setting up a medical practice in Venice, he became part of the same social circle as Galileo, and adapted several of his inventions to develop a medical thermometer and a pulse clock. To test Galen’s idea that respiration occurs through the skin as “insensible perspiration,” he developed a large scale on which he frequently ate, worked, slept, and defecated so he could study the changes in his body weight compared to the amount that he ate and drank. By measuring his solid and liquid intake and comparing it the measures of his output (read poop and piss), he noticed that the intake far exceeded the output. FTP, name this man whose 1614 work, De staticamedicina or “On Medical Measurement,” became the first systematic study of basal metabolism.

Answer: SantorioSantorio or Sanctorius

The natives called this river of roughly 1,300 miles the Gariep. It is not navigable because of large sand bars at its mouth, but it is of great importance to the people due to it being a source of hydroelectric power and irrigation. Additionally in the 1860s, diamonds were discovered along its course. Winding through the Namib desert from its source in the Lesotho Highlands before draining into the Atlantic is, FTP, what river, named for the Dutch Prince by the settlers of South Africa.

Answer: OrangeRiver

This battle brought the rich province of Bengal completely under control of the East India Company. As a result of this battle, Robert Clive obtained from the Newab of Bengal the right to administer revenue in Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa. FTP, name this 1764 battle which made the East India Company the sovereign power on the mainland of India.

Answer: Battle ofBuxar

With a name literally translated as “hump of wood,” this mythical character was sometimes portrayed with a large phallus, symbolic of his role as a spirit of fertility. Even today, he is revered by the descendents of the Taos and Acoma among other tribes as a bringer of good fortune. Comparable in many ways to Santa Clause, he depicted with a large hump on his back, which was considered by some to be a bag of gifts. FTP, identify this figure prominent in the art and culture of Native Americans -especially the Hopi and Anasazi - the flute-playing deity of mischief, music, and dance, who is now used to market various types of cheap jewelry.

Answer: Kokopelli

Although at first he voted against the original motion for independence in July 1776, due to him thinking it premature, he finally signed the Declaration of Independence in August. He served as a delegate to the Annapolis Convention and Constitutional Convention before serving in the U.S. Senate from 1789 to 1795. A member of various committees in Congress, he was particularly important in obtaining munitions and other supplies and in borrowing money to support George Washington's army. FTP, identify this man who spent time in debtors prison despite having borrowed the money to finance the American Revolution.

Answer: Robert Morris

The reaction quotient is given as the natural log of all the activities of the reduced species divided by the activities of the oxidized species. Stating that the energy of a system is equal to the standard energy plus R times T over the moles multiplied by Faraday's constant, all multiplied by the natural log of the reaction quotient, this is -FTP - what equation, named for the formulator of the third law of thermodynamics, which is used to determine the voltage of a battery from its standard voltage?

Answer: Nernst Equation

It was one of the major issues pushing Scotland into the Act of Union of 1707. The lack of capital from England led to even more problems in Scotland when it failed, even though it had been proposed to help the economy. The Company of Scotland sent two expeditions to New Caldonia, one in 1698 the other in 1699. The first never made it; the second was forced to surrender to the Spanish in 1801. FTP, what was this Scottish plan for a colony in the New World.

Answer: Darien Scheme

Two men in top hats are having a conversation on the other side of the seat in the foreground. The young boy on the right of this painting is leaning on the old woman in the middle and appears to be sleeping. This old woman, who is carrying a picnic basket, is sitting just to the right of a woman who is breastfeeding her baby. FTP, identify this 1860s oil canvas painting showing peasants on a train, painted by Honore Daumier.

Answer: The Third Class Carriage

ACF National Championship Tournament

Bonuses by Athens State University (Lee Henry, Daniel McHan, and Kivin Childers)

Identify the following terms from the world of architecture FTPE.

a) Also the name of a death metal band, this is the term for an empty tomb or monument built to honor an individual who is buried elsewhere.

Answer: Cenotaph

b) This type of roofed or arcaded gallery projecting from the side of a building is similar to a veranda, but differs in that it is more architectural and is more a “part of the main edifice to which it is attached.” It can also refer to an open balcony in a theatre.

Answer: Loggia

c) Derived from the Latin for “eye,” it is a circular window, often found at the apex of a dome.

Answer: Oculus

A whole lot of people have written about ethics. Identify the authors of the following works FTSNOP.

(5 points) This German sociologist penned The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism from 1904 to 1905.