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Parents as Teachers (PAT) Training for Supervisors

Advanced Training for Supervisors

Kathy Sheridan, the Parents as Teachers Program Supervisor of Metropolitan Family Services in DuPage County, will provide this day-long (8:30 am – 4:30 pm) training for PAT Supervisors in Illinois. Designed and piloted by PAT National Center, this training is for supervisors who directly supervise PAT parent educators, home visitors, and early education staff in their programs. PAT Supervisor Certification is not required toattend.

Content will include:

●Assessment of current Supervisory practices

●Supervision Styles

●Techniques of Relation-based Supervision

●Unique issues for Parent Educators

●The Meta-System – the importance of the context

●Goal setting and accountability in the Supervisory relationship

Self-Supervision for Parent Educators: What to Do When You Wear All the Hats

(This training is being piloted by PAT National Center’s Peggy North Jones)

Supervision of a parent educator is a critical component in ensuring quality service delivery to parents and children. Many parent educators, however, operate out of programs where they are alone or do not have a supervisor who provides reflective supervision. Self-Supervision for Parent Educators is a half-day training that addresses key issues for parent educators operating in these settings. Topics include:


EducationOutcomes and long-range planning

There is no fee for either of the workshops. The registration form below lists dates and locations of the workshops.

RegistrationAdvanced Training for Supervisors

Self-Supervision for Parent Educators



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Please note that prior supervisory training is not required to attend the trainings listed below.

1.Advanced Training for Supervisors (check session you wish to attend)

Wheaton, February 24Registration deadline: February 10

Collinsville, March 15Registration deadline: March 1

Springfield, March 16Registration deadline: March 2

Peoria, April 1Registration deadline: March 18

Mt. Vernon, May 20Registration deadline: May 6

2.Self-Supervision for Parent Educators – Pilot Session

Collinsville, March 15Registration deadline: March 1

Registration form may be faxed or mailed. Send to:

Academic Development Institute

Parents as Teachers State Affiliate

Attn: LuAnn Wooten

121 N. Kickapoo

Lincoln, IL 62656

FAX # (217) 732-3696

Questions? Contact Clare Eldredge or Maurine Brennan at (217) 732-6462 or ,

Please keep a copy of this registration for your records. A notification letter with site and time will be sent to you.

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