28858 Demonstrate Understanding of Livestock Parturition Management Strategies and Implement

28858 Demonstrate Understanding of Livestock Parturition Management Strategies and Implement

NZQA registered unit standard / 28858 version 1
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Title / Demonstrate understanding of livestock parturition management strategies and implement a farm parturition plan
Level / 4 / Credits / 10
Purpose / This unit standard is intended for people who are working in a livestock farming context and recognises the skills and knowledge necessary to take responsibility for implementing a farm parturition plan.
Classification / AgricultureFarming Skills
Available grade / Achieved

Explanatory notes

1Learners must implement an existing farm parturition plan that they may not have been involved in creating.

2Evidence presented for assessment againstthis unit standard must relate to a farming workplace.

3Industry parturition targets are the generally accepted goals that members of the industry follow. Targets vary between sectors and may include lambing %, calving %, fawning %, kidding %, mortality rates, live birthsand body condition score at parturition.


Management strategiesinclude –managing dam and progeny condition and health, before, during and after parturition, environmental factors, level of monitoring.

5Demonstration of understanding may be assessed in a number of ways, which could include the ability to complete practical tasks, if it is clear that the understanding is essential underpinning understanding to the task/s, and that the task/s could not be completed without the learner having that understanding.

Outcomes and evidence requirements

Outcome 1

Demonstrate understanding of management strategies required to achieve optimum parturition results.

Evidence requirements

1.1Demonstrates understanding of management practices that may contribute to the achievement of parturition targets.

1.2Demonstrates understanding of the impacts of the parturition management strategies onfarm income.

Outcome 2

Implement a livestock parturition plan.

Evidence requirements

2.1Implements parturition management strategies to meet farm parturition plan requirements.

2.2Maintains recordsto meet farm parturition plan requirements.

2.3Monitors and reportson factors affectingprogress towards parturition targets.

2.4Evaluates actual parturition results against farm parturition plan targets.

Replacement information / This unit standard and unit standard 28857 replaced unit standard 1521, unit standard 1530, unit standard 8628, unit standard 19078, unit standard 19085, unit standard 25378, unit standard 25379, unit standard 25382, unit standard 25383 and unit standard 25829.
Planned review date / 31 December 2020

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Registration / 1 / 18 June 2015
Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR) reference / 0052

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