2017-2018 Performance Schedule

2017-2018 Performance Schedule

2017-2018 Performance Schedule

Tiger Music

Updated: 8/14/17

Semester 1


Fri, Sept. 226pmDHS Football GameDHS StadiumAdv. Band

Sat, Oct. 7TBDAir ShowMinden AirportAdv. Band

Tue, Nov. 153pmHonor Band & Choir Auditions DueCVMS Band RoomInterested Students

Wed, Dec. 136pmWinter ConcertCVMS MPRALL

Semester 2


Tues, Jan. 163-7pmHonor Band Pre-RehearsalEagle Valley MSSelect Students

Mon, Jan. 223-7pmHonor Choir Pre-RehearsalPau-Wa-Lu MSSelect Students

Thu, Feb. 1TBDHonor Band RehearsalChurchill County HS Select Students

Fri, Feb. 2TBDHonor Band Rehearsal & PerformanceChurchill County HS Select Students

Thur, Feb. 8TBDHonor Choir RehearsalChurchill County HSSelect Students

Fri, Feb. 9TBDHonor Choir Rehearsal & PerformanceChurchill County HSSelect Students

Fri, Mar. 166:30pm Choiriffic!Pau-Wa-Lu MSAll Choir

Apr. 11-15All Day All-State Music FestivalLas VegasSelect Students

Wed, Apr. 25TBDBand FestivalCarson City Comm CenterInt.& Adv. Bands

Thur, Apr. 26TBDChoir FestivalSilverland MS, Fernley All Choir

Tue, May 1TBDBeginning Band FestivalTBDBeg. Band

TBD (Sat. in May)TBDBand-Tastic!TJ’s Corral, CVIALL Bands

Wed, May 306pmSpring ConcertCVMS MPRALL


These are the dates that have already been set. There are a few dates still to be determined (see below). I will have ALL dates available by the end of Sept.

Details will be given as each event gets closer. If dates get added, I will be sure to send notifications. Thank you for getting all applicable dates in your calendar!

**Please note the “Who” column on the far right…

Not every kid will be expected to participate in every event!

Dates still TBD:

~Bandtastic! - will likely be a Saturday morning/afternoon in May

~Music in the Parks - this is an overnight trip for Advanced Band members. I have reserved a performance spot for us on May 11-12, but these dates have not yet been approved and confirmed.

~Reno Aces Game (Mar-Apr - for all in Int/Adv Bands or Choir - voluntary)

Advanced Band:

~Please also note that there are a few events at the end of the year to get you ready for the DHS Music Program. These are:

1)DHS Music Meet-N-Greet at Heritage Park on Sat, June 2 from 11am-2pm

2)Mini Band Camp to get you ready for the 2018-2019 DHS Marching Band season. This camp will run from 12:30-3:30pm on Thur, Jun 7 and from 9am-5pm on Fri, June 8.