2009 DECA U Provincials Competitiontmmm

2009 DECA U Provincials Competitiontmmm

2009 DECA U Provincials CompetitionTMMM


1.One travel business promising to do something for another travel business in return for receiving compensation is an example of a(n)

A.benefit. C.partnership.

B.contract. D.guarantee.

2.The intent of the laws that require travel and tourism businesses to provide reasonable accommodation for employees with disabilities is to protect these employees from

A.accidents. C.discrimination.

B.hazardous conditions.D.unsafe environments.

3.One way that businesses use technology to move products efficiently through the distribution chain is by

A.encouraging the use of networked trading communities.

B.developing company web sites to promote product.

C.tracking the shipping expenses in a database system.

D.implementing an automatic identification system.

4.To maintain positive relationships within the travel and tourism distribution chain, all channel members must

A.develop competing goals. C.coordinate their efforts.

B.limit ongoing communication. D.have equal power.

5.The number of channel members that a travel and tourism business uses to make its products available to the end users is often referred to as

A.intermediary concentration. C.distribution intensity.

B.channel management. D.exclusive dealership.

6.When defending their ideas objectively, employees should be prepared to

A.demonstrate a sense of leadership. C.use aggressive body language.

B.write a technical research report. D.provide supporting information.

7.A tour operator who is conducting a staff meeting encourages all employees to participate by asking them to suggest their solutions to problems in writing and then to privately vote for the best solution. What technique is the tour operator using?

A.Role-playingC.Nominal group

B.Quality circles D.Brainstorming

8.Why do tour operators prepare confirmation letters to send to clients?

A.To describe baggage C.To request deposits

B.To prevent overbooking D.To verify reservations

9.A tour manager reviewing the itinerary with passengers, handing out travel documents, and answering questions is an example of conducting a(n)

A.marketing presentation. C.training session.

B.predeparture briefing. D.operational workshop.

10.Customers have the right to be fully informed about a business's policies in order to make the best possible

A.blunders. C.errors.


11.Why is quick action important in handling customer complaints?

A.Eliminates the need to investigate the problem

B.Pleases the customer

C.Saves the manager's time

D.Makes the situation easier to handle

12.Why is it important for travel agencies to keep their display racks stocked with attractive promotional brochures and pamphlets?

A.To entertain clients C.To decorate lobbies

B.To sell products D.To advertise contests

13.The primary factor in the determination of demand is

A.product utility. C.government controls.

B.cost of production. D.prices of competing products.

14.What are tour operators contributing to when they financially support local charities?

A.High unemployment C.Their profits

B.The community D.The work environment

15.The two basic types of business risk are

A.fires and floods. C.theft and death.

B.incompetence and carelessness. D.pure and speculative.

16.Ski instructors in Colorado are examples of workers whose jobs involve specialization by

A.natural resources.C.capital goods.

B.stages of production. D.obsolescence.

17.When the demand for goods and services starts to fall and unemployment rises, the business cycle is in its ______phase.

A.expansion C.trough


18.One way that cruise line employees can develop cultural sensitivity is to

A.revise research techniques. C.acquire foreign language skills.

B.preserve communication methods.D.maintain current leadership styles.

19.Which of the following should a cruise director create in order to encourage team building:

A.Climate of trust C.Sense of control

B.Line of authority D.Resistance to change

20.If Megan, an employee of the Star Cruise Lines, wants to lead change in her work environment, she must have the ability to

A.ask a variety of questions. C.make friends with managers.

B.guide or direct others. D.perform all types of tasks.

21.The primary reason why people working in the travel and tourism industry lose their jobs is because of their

A.lack of previous experience.C.inability to get along with others.

B.inability to cope with change. D.lack of job skills.

22.Which of the following is an example of a gratuity:

A.Tipping an airline baggage attendant C.Selling goods in an airport gift shop

B.Loaning a travel book to a client D.Renting a car to a traveler

23.A travel agency that buys services and goods in order to operate now and pay for them later is using


B.collateral. D.credit.

24.What is an important step for a tourism business to take when selecting a financial-services provider?

A.Organize records C.Verify credentials

B.Make an appointment D.Plan an investment

25.Which of the following is the generally accepted accounting principle that assumes that a tour business has the ability to operate indefinitely:

A.Open reality C.Tangible existence

B.Business entity D.Going concern

26.Why does a charter-bus company need a flow of money into the business?

A.To investC.To sell

B.To borrow D.To exist

27.Calculate the amount a small tour company should budget for salaries and wages next year if two full-time employees each earn $28,000 a year and will receive a 3% raise, and three part-time employees each earn $16,000 a year and will receive a 2% raise.

A.$108,200 C.$102,800

B.$103,160 D.$106,640

28.What type of ratio is used to measure the ability of a car rental company to turn assets into cash?


B.Profitability D.Liability

29.It is important for cruise ships to balance daily posting transactions because some passenger transactions are

A.added to the petty cash fund. C.deducted from a savings account.

B.not paid for with a credit card. D.not included in the overall price.

30.When interviewing job applicants for a travel agency position, why is it important for the interviewer to ask open-ended questions?

A.To check for understanding C.To shorten the interview process

B.To obtain in-depth information D.To generate short answers

31.How can a tour company determine whether its policies related to equity are effective?

A.By monitoring its policies on a regular basis

B.By reviewing information in personnel records

C.By sending out frequent customer surveys

D.By comparing its policies with competitors' policies

32.One reason why many businesses require their employees to book airline tickets and hotel rooms through the company's travel department is because that department is able to

A.negotiate for better rates. C.access industry web sites.

B.make reservations quickly. D.obtain confirmation numbers.

33.Which of the following is an example of the straight commission method of paying employees who work in the travel and tourism industry:

A.Employee receives a rate based on hours worked.

B.Employee receives a fixed rate for each unit of production.

C.Employee receives a flat rate of money each month.

D.Employee receives a percentage of sales.

34.External marketing information comes from sources outside the travel agency such as

A.customer complaints.C.sales forecasts.

B.inventory records. D.trade journals.

35.Why does a travel agency's computer place a "cookie" on a visitor's hard drive when the visitor accesses the travel agency's web site?

A.To protect data C.To track usage

B.To ensure privacy D.To eliminate theft

36.What do many tour companies develop in order to organize and analyze sales records and other related data that are used to make marketing decisions?

A.Comprehensive research procedure

B.Marketing-information management system

C.Personal spreadsheet-software program

D.Internet operating technique

37.The least expensive way that an airline can approach a marketing-research project is to start by collecting ______data.

A.internal, primary C.external, primary

B.external, secondary D.internal, secondary

38.A business's travel department books between six and nine airline flights per week. This is an example of

A.median. C.mean.


39.Before a tour operator can design and sell specific tours to groups that are the most likely to buy, the operator needs to

A.identify the target market.C.visit new attractions.

B.contact a variety of hotels. D.arrange for transportation.

40.West Lake Yacht Club wishes to increase membership and has placed several advertisements in local boating magazines and brochures. This advertising increase is an example of

A.pricing. C.publicity.

B.promotion. D.production.

41.Consumer questionnaires, surveys, and direct interviews are all forms of data collection used in the ______function of marketing.

A.pricing C.risk management

B.purchasing D.information management

42.Which of the following is an example of a travel and tourism service that a travel agency might market:

A.Escorted bus tour plus lodging C.Souvenir travel bag

B.Dinner at a four-star restaurantD.Postcards from each attraction

43.Advancements in technology are likely to cause a travel agency to

A.change its retirement plans. C.change its marketing strategies.

B.eliminate product warranties. D.eliminate employee benefits.

44.Before developing and selling a product, which of the following should travel and tourism marketers do first:

A.Set up a promotional plan C.Identify the market for the product

B.Select a channel of distribution D.Determine the product's price

45.Which of the following is a demographic characteristic that travel agencies often use to identify market segments:

A.Style of living C.Location of population

B.Type of household D.Level of personality

46.What type of information do charter-bus companies include in their marketing plans?

A.Accounting proceduresC.Payroll systems

B.Billing methods D.Pricing strategies

47.A SWOT analysis indicates that customers' buying preferences are changing, but the tour wholesaler has a very limited product line. This is an example of an

A.external threat attacking an internal weakness.

B.internal strength responding to an external threat.

C.internal weakness compensating for an external threat.

D.external opportunity coinciding with an internal strength.

48.When deciding how to allocate its funds, an airline can use the sales forecast as a planning tool to determine whether

A.cash flow will be a problem.C.prices should be adjusted.

B.business expenses will increase. D.media costs will change.

49.The marketing strategy component of a marketing plan should include a(n)

A.detailed product description.C.proposed annual budget.

B.explanation of accounting methods.D.list of current employees.

50.Which of the following is a reason why a large airline might eliminate a flight from its schedule:

A.The flight has one main customer benefit.

B.The pilot does not want to fly a certain route.

C.The airline is not selling enough tickets for the flight.

D.The flight does not offer high-priced tickets.

51.One way that technology impacts the travel and tourism industry is by making it possible for customers to

A.buy directly from suppliers.C.travel to distant locations.

B.obtain promotional materials.D.work with experienced agents.

52.Travel agencies can help to prevent accidents in the workplace by

A.buying only accident-proof equipment.C.purchasing insurance.

B.controlling human error. D.establishing safety guidelines.

53.Travel agencies may prevent burglaries by checking every room in the building at night to make sure that the

A.windows and doors are locked.C.electrical equipment is turned off.

B.public areas are clean. D.telephones are transferred.

54.Incentive travel planning companies develop a quality culture by a combination of continual improvement and

A.teamwork. C.research.

B.goodwill. D.security.

55.Rent, salaries, and advertising are all examples of

A.cost of goods sold. C.fixed costs.

B.operating expenses.D.variable costs.

56.A small tour business has developed an expense-control plan specifying that payroll can be no more than 15% of sales. If sales are $60,000, how much can the business spend on payroll?

A.$6,000 C.$12,000

B.$9,000 D.$15,000

57.Which of the following should travel agency employees try to do during a robbery situation:

A.Tell the robber that the agency's safe is locked

B.Attempt to set off the silent alarm system

C.Refuse to comply with the robber's demands

D.Make a mental note of the robber's appearance

58.Which of the following would be considered a long-term objective:

A.To read a book each weekC.To buy a new outfit

B.To learn to ride a motor bikeD.To earn a college degree

59.In a staff meeting, a travel agency manager asks employees to come up with as many suggestions for improvement as they can within 15 minutes. What creativity technique is being used?

A.Attribute listingC.Brainstorming

B.Checklist D.Problem identification

60.When preparing letters of application for jobs in the travel and tourism industry, individuals who have very little work experience should stress their


B.personality. D.education.

61.One of the main benefits for tour companies participating in a trade show is the opportunity to

A.meet with competitors. C.analyze marketing needs.

B.obtain sales leads.D.hire new employees.

62.What is one reason why many airlines regularly increase or decrease the number of daily flights to certain vacation destinations?

A.Weather is predictable. C.Tourism is seasonal.

B.Airports are closed. D.Pilots are unavailable.

63.What is the main geographic factor that draws visitors who enjoy skiing to a certain region?

A.Accommodations C.Highways


64.When buyers and sellers have agreed on a value for a travel product, they have established the

A.equilibrium price. C.exchange price.

B.price policy. D.price line.

65.Which of the following is most likely to raise the price a tourist attraction charges for admission to the site:

A.A new law increases minimum wage.C.Several workers are laid off.

B.The business reduces the level of inventory. D.Efficiency is increased at the site.

66.The first step in the development of new travel and tourism products is

A.concept testing.C.test marketing.

B.business analysis. D.idea generation.

67.When using mind mapping to generate product ideas, a tour wholesaler begins by writing down the main problem or

A.primary associations. C.market opportunity.

B.supporting facts. D.situational analysis.

68.Interviewing customers and conducting surveys to find out what customers might want in the future are processes that tour operators create in order to

A.generate advertising. C.develop questionnaires.

B.collect information. D.recognize opportunities.

69.A travel agency specifies that employees must contact a certain number of clients each week. This is an example of ______standards.


B.cost D.time

70.A travel agency advertises a free gift with the purchase of a certain cruise package, but then requires customers to buy a more expensive cruise to receive the gift. The business is violating laws administered by the

A.Food and Drug Administration. C.Federal Communications Commission.

B.Federal Trade Commission. D.Consumer Product Safety Commission.

71.One reason it is important for travel agencies to regularly review products to make sure they fill customer wants and needs is because the ______changes.

A.distribution system C.promotional technique

B.operating method D.social environment

72.Which of the following groups would be the most appropriate for the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau to invite on a familiarization tour of northeastern North Carolina in order to promote a special event:

A.Economic developersC.Pilots

B.State dignitaries D.Travel writers

73.What do many travel and tourism businesses use to differentiate themselves from competitors and create instant recognition?


B.Copyrights D.Symbols

74.Walt Disney has sold the rights to Mickey Mouse and other Walt Disney characters to a company that makes stuffed animals. This is an example of brand

A.licensing. C.extension.

B.positioning. D.repositioning.

75.What customer service offered by cruise line gift shops often attracts customers?

A.Liberal creditC.Gift wrapping

B.Free parking D.Long-term layaway

76.An international consideration to take into account in brand development includes

A.the probability that the brand can change foreign cultures.

B.whether foreign consumers like to shop.

C.the number of credit cards issued in foreign countries.

D.customs in foreign countries.

77.When planning the destinations for a week-long escorted tour, tour operators should take into consideration the

A.key attractions.C.natural resources.

B.regional dialects. D.local industries.

78.Which of the following is an example of a site variable that affects the travel and tourism product:

A.Geography C.Itinerary

B.Transportation D.Reservation

79.An ad for Samsonite luggage in Ladies Home Journal is an example of what type of advertising?


B.Institutional D.Product

80.Which of the following is an example of a travel agency's sales promotion activity:

A.Holding a contestC.Obtaining publicity

B.Running a newspaper ad D.Using personal selling

81.What is an advantage to a travel agency of using direct-mail advertising?

A.It requires less work than other advertising.

B.Agency can pinpoint the target audience.

C.The receiver cannot ignore the advertising message.

D.It is less expensive than other forms of advertising.

82.World Travel Service sells cruises. Which of the following elements is crucial to include in the company's ads in order for customers to obtain more information or to book a cruise:


B.Copy D.Illustration

83.A local business that wanted to promote a sale of national brands should coordinate the effort with the

A.manufacturers' promotional campaigns. C.other similar businesses in the area.

B.specials offered at the mall. D.discounts offered by one radio station.

84.In which of the following situations does frequency marketing often work best in a travel or tourism business:

A.The business is a large company.

B.The business is a small company.

C.The business's products are purchased often.

D.The business is located in a large metropolitan area.

85.What is an example of a negative effect of a tour company's selling policies?

A.Negligent vendors C.Careless management

B.Distracted customers D.Frustrated salespeople

86.Because technology increases a travel agency's efficiency and service levels, travel agents have more time to

A.develop new transportation services. C.focus on competitors' activities.

B.set their sales standards and goals. D.build and maintain a clientele.

87.A travel agent should use promotional materials in a sales presentation in order to

A.present information to a large group of buyers.

B.increase the effectiveness of the presentation.

C.increase the length of the presentation.

D.deliver the information the salesperson doesn't know.

88.What could a travel agent use to sell the features and benefits of a Caribbean cruise?

A.Client testimonials C.Vendor specifications