1St Quarter: Pre-Colonial America, the 13 Colonies, the American Revolution

1St Quarter: Pre-Colonial America, the 13 Colonies, the American Revolution

Welcome to 8th Grade Social Studies for Track 4.

We will build upon the skills and knowledge that you have learned in 5-7th grades and apply them to the formation and development of the US and NC. The goal of this year is help you think historically, seeing how past events affect our lives today and their possible impact on future events. We will discuss current events and ongoing issues from multiple perspectives in order to see the relevance of our past. This can be summed up in the words of President Thomas Jefferson: "An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people."

What will be studied this year: We willgenerally follow the Wake 8th Grade Social Studies Pacing Guide this year with some variation based on interdisciplinary projects, the Presidential primaries, and student needs.


1st Quarter: Pre-Colonial America, the 13 Colonies, the American Revolution

2nd Quarter: The New Nation, Moving West, A Nation Divided, The Civil War

3rd Quarter: Reconstruction, Industry and Reform, Imperialism and WW1, The

Great Depression andthe New Deal

4th Quarter: WW2, The Cold War, Civil Rights, and the Modern Age

What material are needed for this class?

For SS: One or more composition books or 8.5 x 11’spiral notebook

For all core classes: one 3-Ring Binder, one flash drive and earbuds/headphones, loose leaf paper, flash cards, colored pencils, pens,

Optional: glue sticks, tape, or stapler, a second notebook, any donations

School - Classroom Rules

In order to have a positive classroom environment in which students can freely share their ideas and focus on their assignments students must follow these basic guidelines (SPLASH) for their behavior:

1.S - I will be polite and respect others and their property

2.P - I will be prepared and on time for class

3.L - I will go above and beyond what is expected of me

4.A - I will work hard and do my best

5.S - I will follow directions given by adults

6.H - I will be honest and accept responsibility for my actions

Consequences: If a student chooses not to follow directions the following will be used:

• Verbal warning

• Teacher conference/Redirection

• Silent lunch

• Parent contact

• In-Team Suspension

• Office referral

Repeated non-compliance in following school rules and teacher directions will result in progressively more serious actions.

What do these look like in class? Students will …

• enter class prepared with agenda, notebook, homework, pens/pencils …

• begin their warm up and write down the homework in their agenda

• stay on task, actively listen, and ask questions

• work quietly on individual assignments and/or collaborate on group tasks

• correct assignments to ensure an accurate notebook and overall understanding

• raise their hand and wait to called on to leave their seat, etc

What do these look like in class continued? Students will …

• use their digital device (laptop,tablet, etc.) onlywheninstructed to do so

• clean up their area before leaving class

• wait to be dismissed

How will you stay organized? Students will keep an interactive Social Studies notebook that is clearly labeled and organized with all of their completed and corrected assignments in it. This works best as an 8.5 x 11”notebook or a composition book with handouts taped, glued, or stapled into them.

Students will need to be prepared for class on a daily basis and be present to learn. They will receive 12 team passes to leave a class to get materials from their locker or go to the bathroom. Students with at least one pass remaining will be rewarded at the end of the quarter.

Grading: Please see the DRMS Parent webpage for a more detailed explanation. Wake County is now a 10 point scale. A= 100-90, B= 89-80, C= 79-70, D= 69-60, F= 59 or below

Notebook Checks (organization, completion, quality) 20%

Quizzes and Minor Assessments 30%

Tests, Essays, and Projects 50%

Test Retakes:

Students are expected to complete their work with thoughtfully and check it for accuracy. If a student wants to improve their test score they may do so if they demonstrate that they have completed all of the assignments in that test’s unit and B) completed a remediation assignment. Students can then choose which score will count. Students will need to take these steps on their own time and not in class. Note: this policy is in discussion and is subject to change.

Absences: When you are absent, it is your responsibility to get your missed assignments and submit them to me in accordance with Wake County Public School Policy. Wake County Policy states that you have two days per day absent to make up work. It is your responsibility to get the missed assignments, complete them in a timely fashion, and turn them in to me.

Late Work: Late work will be accepted up to one week after Progress Reports are given to students. After that they will remain as zeroes. Any missing assignments for the remainder of the quarter must be submitted a week before reports are due. After a one day grace period, late work will lose 10 points a day. However, quality work turned in late will score no lower than a 70.

What can parents do to assist their son or daughter?

•Check my website. With the exception of an occasional digital gremlin, my webpage will have all of the assignments, handouts, presentations, upcoming due dates for tests and projects, etc. Your student will be able to replace any lost work or missed class activities and videos.

•You can also access it from the DRMS webpage under the Academics tab, Grade 8, 8.4 +, Social Studies.

•Check Home Base (PowerSchool) on a weekly basis to monitor their academic performance

•Please contact me with your questions and/or concerns at (preferred) or leave a message with the school at (919) 870-4098.

Please keep the top page, sign, and return this slip to Mr. Nelson.

I have read and agree to the rules and expectations for Social Studies this year.

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Student Signature: ______Date: ______

Parent/Guardian Signature: ______Date: ______