14Thinternational BUSINESS FAIR BRCKO 2015

14Thinternational BUSINESS FAIR BRCKO 2015


November 12 – 15, 2015


Exhibitor’s name
Address (town, state)
Type of activity
Contact person / TEL: / FAX:
Exhibitor’s account / VAT: / ID no:
Exhibitors pay the amount of 180KM/92 EURO into the Brcko District B&H Chamber of Commerce’s account - no. 555-003-001-60502-67, at Nova banka a. d. Brcko, or no. 562-004-00001018-58, at NLB Razvojna banka a.d. Brcko,for the application costs and mandatory registration into the fair catalog.
The proof of payment is to be submitted to the fair organizer together with completed, singed and verified application and accompanying order forms for other services. The application without payment of the due amount is not valid. After receiving the application, proof of payment and order of other services the exhibitor will be issued estimate – prepayment invoice which will contain already paid amount. The amount of 180.00 KM is deducted from the total amount.
Booth order / m2 / price/m2 / Total amount
Standard booth(flooring,“Octanorm” system partitions,board with company name written in capital letters, storage space with a shelf and screen 100x100x250, information desk, table, 4 chairs, 220 W socket, garbage bin / 80.00KM/40,90 EURO
Unfurnished indoor booth
This kind of space may be rented to exhibitors which have their own booth furnishings.
Leased per m2 / 50.00KM/25,56 EURO
Unarranged outdoor space
Leased per m2 / 20.00KM/10,23 EURO
Hostess – one day / 50.00KM/25,56€
Accreditation 1 pcs
Note: An exhibitor is provided three accreditations free of charge / 5.00KM/2.56€
Additional equipment:
Additional equipment price list is attached to the application.
Additional equipment ordered at the Fair is paid in cash and the price is increased by 20%.
Insurance of exhibits
The organizer is not insured against theft of exhibits and other equipment.
The exhibitors are advised to sign insurance contracts with an authorized insurance company. The organizer does not assume responsibility for failure to ensure exhibits, equipment and other property and in case of damage or theft and during installation and dismantling.
In order to have an advertisement in the catalogue it is necessary to submit elements for its design not later than the deadline for submission of applications.
Otherwise the exhibitors’ wishes will not be fulfilled. Amount paid in respect of these services will not be refunded.
# / Description / Via / Price / x
1. / Double page in color / e-mail / 100.00KM/51,13€
2. / One page in color / e-mail / 80.00KM/40,90€
3. / Half page in color / e-mail / 40.00KM/20.45€
4. / Small size ad 3x2, sign and logo / e-mail / 20.00KM/10.23€

Total: ______

VAT (17%) ______

Total amount:______

Deadline for submission of applications is November 1, 2015
17% VAT is added to the price of rent and other services as per the value of this application/contract.
The smallest booth size is 9m2(3m2depth).
It is possible to rent booths of 9m2, 12m2, 15m2, 18m2, 20m2, 21m2and 24m2or larger.
Applicant – exhibitor ______
Place and date ______ / Confirmation of acceptance of the application ______
Place and date ______


The Fair organizer is in charge of preparation of the Fair Catalogue which contains information about the 2015 exhibitors.

The organizer bears the expenses of your company’s media presentation during the 5-day Fair.

There is no entry fee for the Fair.