1. Imagine Paint That Can Camouflage Surroundings, 3 Minutes Into the Movie

1. Imagine Paint That Can Camouflage Surroundings, 3 Minutes Into the Movie

January 31, 2017 Turn in books, bring in snacks for tomorrow! Know your grade! As always, one last video that describes it all to you! On your journey over a lifetime tune into the last two minutes of the following video lab, film canister rockets, goggles required

January 30, 2017 Well we have reached the end of our science journey together. Hopefully you go into high school with the mindset that science is fun! Science is everywhere! Science is a big part of your life! Enjoy some games as students teach us! in some snacks for Wednesday! Some suggestions below! 1. 2 liter of soda, water, juice, chips, brownies, cupcakes or a specialty snack! 2. Bring in a party favor for the class, the dollar store is great for that, surprise us. 3. Bring in a story to share with the class. An event that you recall or something that you look forward to with your peers in high school. How about heliostats

January 27, 2017

1. Imagine paint that can camouflage surroundings, 3 minutes into the movie

2. Or imagine computer animation being used for something other than entertainment 4 minutes in.

3. Imagine the life of the surgeon. How about life in Nepal.

January 26th you are the teacher! Teach us

4. Stem cells, genetically engineered, gmo's, time travel, different dimensions

January 25 Be amazed, this one too or this one (copy and paste the last two, lol)

Can you imagine your planetary profile from garbage

January 24 More than just planets like Jupiter and Saturn made mostly of Hydrogen, so too have been dirigibles like the Hindenburg, look what happens when exposed to oxygen and a spark when you thought it was over, more disruptive volcanoes

January 23 Why would half a million people watch this? Some of them believe? Why are humans so reluctant to believe? if it is not a conspiracy but a remedy, how many would eat certain foods to prevent a cold, you believe this?

January 20-21 Become an astrophysicist, become a planetary expert! Let's see the size and scale of those planets! you are willing to question the definition of a planet, check out this video you can watch it all or begin 5 minutes in! Does this change your definition of a planet? Imagine how difficult it is to change peoples perspective!

January 19th build a stomp rocket! designed several paper airplanes in class today, make a better one on your own tomorrow! How about a better way to tie your shoes

January 18 If I am out today, you will take a post test. I three different ways you may answer the questions.

1. The first choice. Answer all questions and explain your answer. Answer all 60 questions.

2. A better choice. Pick one half of the questions(30 questions)and use our labsto create a better question and answer.

3. The best choice. Pick 20 questions and create better questions and answers using your future understanding of concepts!

In the second half of class read and respond to the scholastic articles with a description, a picture and an explanation!For Fun we will build paper airplanes tomorrow and Friday!

January 17 After reading a students 36 page article on life on another planetary object, I imagined robots playing basketball, on Earth we have had competitions for over 5 years do you think? pointers if soccer is your game, tune in to 2 minutes in could a robot dab, try 3:20 in to see it, look at question #58 eutrophication happens here rare genotypic traits here use a strong magnet to show composition of useful products

test example a grizzly bear chases down an elk to feed her young (graphic) elk eat grass, bears eat elk question #40 if we showed this video, how many would know this plant is absorbing water imagine this happening out the tail pipe of your car! #30 try this one, one minute in dams How about oil production #27 Earth

January 13 Can you analyse the following videos if you take your concepts to the next level. Go back through your design and create a real life usage for your product. 2 minutes into this video, could you create a blueprint based on your product design

January 12 (Friday the 13th eve) If you like K'-nex yesterday try a on-line game version for today you rather make yourself or follow another's game?

January 10 After reading scholastic and designing 3-D models with K-nex, image your future vehicles the following video also! Tell us what you think! Let's race some vehicles tomorrow like the 1/2 bike!

January 9, 2017 We now switch our attention to moving objects. We will build flying vehicles in class to help us imagine future vehicles in our future, boats, trains, planes and of course fully autonomous vehicles, self driving cars! at 5:30 end at 7:30!

January 6 2017 Dream house project should be complete! We signed up for college scholarships this week! We planned for our future! Next week we return to labs! Moving objects, cars, flight and engineering design!

January 5, 2017 Lets return to some labs, check out this form of motion

January4 After filling out the STEM connector we areasking you to speak with your parents about college, tuition costs, etc.

How about a free aptitude test

I would put a little less focus on this one but also use it to better understand yourself

How about vocational training with little or no debt a free aptitude test to determine your skills and interests before high school

January 3 Finish up your future dream home project, 4 major grades, begin to present what you are comfortable telling us a bout, for the rest, keep it in your science journal. Most importantly for me is the alternative energy systems that you include in your future! is not always better and alternative is fun! Efficiency too

December 24-January 2 Enjoy your holiday break. If you travel, interview your family. If you receive gifts, question their process of production. Can you produce "stuff" in the future to make life better for you or all of us?

December 23 What a great week, many of our students have been giving back to the whole school. All students have been thinking about their future and creating a future dream home project. be inspired by the amazing opportunities that we all have available! Enjoy your holidays and enjoy your break!

December 22 vibrant found us another site, a better CAD housing site transportation

December 21 This is the link to two CAD free programming sites, you may also try others Also consider space in your home, useful space too of the least expensive building materials are shipping containers December 20 Today we begin our most important project all year! Your future dream home! This is an all encompassing project to include a high school plan, an after high school college/trade school plan, a family plan, a lifestyle plan and most importantly the steps to take you from where you are to where YOU want to be! This is exciting for students and a lot of work!In the end you will enjoy your hard work. Really, 15 years from now you are supposed to return to WMS and explained to all of your teachers how it really worked out for you! Some of the requirements are as follows. 1. Multiple drawings of your home (birds eye view, front, yard included) 2.10 explained alternative energy forms explained. Some options included are solar panels (electricity), wind turbine, geothermal heating cooling, LED lighting, energy star appliances, passive thermal heating, windows, building materials,up-use materials, reused materials, second hand materials, family wealth(shared) garden, pond, pool, public spaces, public transportation and all others of interest to you. 3. Tentative town, taxes, cost of living and amenities 4. Motivators- very important to have a plan for when you will struggle at times. 5. Role models- I suggest real people that you can speak with, family members, people you could interview over the break 6. A relative plan- grades necessary through high school, scholarships, clubs, extra-curricular activities to maintain your focus. All of this being said 80% of thecareer paths that you will work in have not been created! You do NOT need to know what you will be. You only need to focus on paths that you would like to be! Omar has an interest in coding, maybe he can begin down this pathway Emily, would you participate in Poetry in America class? maybe you can start here may be inspired by Theresa

December 19 Today we are taking on our dependence on energy especially fossil fuels! Alternative forms of energy and lifestyle differences. How about this one the US economy to a developing nation such as, China, India or Brazil about comparing the east coast states to the Midwest.Maybe the economy of California to that of France.

December 16 Now that we know where the elephants came from, what do you think? What is the story that you would tell. Watch the following video, tell me what did they get right and what did they getwrong? What did you learn about your power? Check out US and world debt, spend some time exploring the nation, individual states and other countries December 15 We dissected rodents yesterday to better see a commonality between them and ourselves as other land mammals. Begin 20 minutes into this video and tell us what really happened.

December 14 Today we dissected mouse bones from owl pellets, gross but fun. Compare the virtual from yesterday to the actual today. Which format did you prefer? How about a surgeon game? try surgery squad We rearranged the bones into an array based on anatomy. Is this like looking in a mirror different, explain!

December 13 Today we looked through a reflecting telescope, the image was upside down. When we look at stars we get the same effect. You can dissect a salmon today. Define the steps, just like in class what did you see? you liked the female salmon, try an owl pellet Become energy aware play energy hog , takethequizzes along the way, like the scavenger hunt Try this energy game and finally One more logic, magnets

December 12 Be inspired by space exploration, check out Ken Warby setting the world speed record in 1978 is this important for understanding space exploration? We also explored a disaster of pushing our limits, the disaster at Chernobyl. This is the video we watched in class you were not excited, sorry, try this one, less views but more entertaining Use this link for homework any time you miss class. Write a short description of the links that you visit!