1. Feedback Loops and Planning/Implementation Focus on Improvement Cycles for IHE in Pre-Service

1. Feedback Loops and Planning/Implementation Focus on Improvement Cycles for IHE in Pre-Service



Success / How We Did It
Michigan received their funding from UF!! / Core Planning Team working with the SEA
Established a Core Planning Team / SEA, IHE, and CEEDAR representation
Conducted onsite State Steering Committee Meeting / Core Planning Team planned the agenda, drafted SLT vision, objectives & activities
Conducted onsite State Leadership Team Meeting; Created a vision statement and drafted a Blueprint; aligned initiatives / Core Planning Team, SLT, state representatives from sp. ed., general ed, licensure & standards, program approval
Established conference calls with the SEA (bi-weekly) and IHEs (monthly) / Core Planning Team
Provided opportunity for IHE faculty to participate in DIBELS training series to be held this summer, and learning from Anita Archer in the spring 2015 / Drs. Roland Good and Stephanie Stollar are providing a series of DIBELS training sessions for a MDE project. Three IHE members from each university were invited.
Agreed to align MDE/IHE literacy approach for K-3 struggling readers. MDE strategy teams: #1 Research-supported diagnostic and screening instruments, instruction, and interventions.
Strategy #2: Training to use diagnostic-driven methods. Strategy #3: Engage parents.Strategy #4: Provide Michigan teachers and leaders with data growth over time and when compared to other states. / Reviewed data & research; discussions; ICs
MDE members of the State Leadership Team are assigned to each of the Strategy groups. The Report will be the basis for a comprehensive literacy strategy for MDE


Challenge / Strategies for Tackling
Numerous literacy initiatives led by different state departments / Involvement in state literacy initiative.
Align educator preparation programs with state initiatives (e.g., MTSS) / Encourage IHE faculty to attend state PD; highlight results from exemplary LEAs
Faculty PD (e.g. DBDM, UDL, MTSS) / Identify PD needs and provide PD
Changes in state leadership, legislation / Frequent communication with stakeholders

What We Need

1. Feedback loops and planning/implementation focus on improvement cycles for IHE in pre-service and teacher/leader development as related to state initiatives for struggling readers.

2. Feedback loops and planning and implementation focus on professional development and developing local school systems to ensure implementation fidelity of effective reading practices for K-3 struggling readers.

3. Participation and leadership in the four state initiative strategy groups as related to the State of Michigan K-3 literacy initiatives.