Urbanization and Its Consequences

Urbanization and Its Consequences.Population Research Institute, Fudan University, China.Xiangming Chen.Center for Urban and Global Studies, Trinity College, US.Population Research Institute, Fudan University, China

Influence of Heredity and Environment

Influence of Heredity and Environment.Few topics in the social sciences have produced more controversy than the relative influences of nature and nurture on intelligence. Is intelligence determined primarily by heredity or by one s environment?

Archived: the Missing Middle: Aligning Education and the Knowledge Economy (MS Word)

The Missing Middle.Aligning Education and the Knowledge Economy.Archived Information.The Missing Middle.Aligning Education and the Knowledge Economy.Anthony P. Carnevale and Donna M. Desrochers.Educational Testing Service

Joshua Meyrowitz: No Sense of Place

Joshua Meyrowitz: No sense of place. The impact of electronic media on social behavior.1. Behaviour in its place.Part 1: Media as change mechanism.2. Media and behaviour: a missing link.Media as cultural environments

The Implications of Capitalism on Media: How Democracy Suffers

Prof. Lusignan/EDGE.The Implications of Capitalism for Media: How Democracy Suffers.Only days since the FCC s controversial relaxing of regulations for media corporations, now is an opportune time to discuss the effects of media on democracy and capitalism

Unit 8 the World Today: Connections and Interactions (1980-The Present)

Unit 8 The World Today: Connections and Interactions (1980-the present).Section 1 Economic Trends.The Big Idea: in the final decades of the 1900s, global economic trends included the following.The world became divided economically between the relatively prosperous North and the developing South

Criminology and Criminal Justice

CRIMINOLOGY AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE.Objectives of the Program.The Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice (MCCJ) is a program designed to produce quality-based and critically-oriented scholars in criminology and criminal justice with an in-depth

Russia-China Relations: the Bear and the Dragon

Department of International Relations FHSS, Bond University, Australia.Russia-China Relations: The Bear and the Dragon.by Guest Lecturer: Dr Rosita Dellios.Introduction & Overview